The multicolored SHEEP or rainbow in Minecraft



You have probably heard of the multicolored sheep, also known as rainbow sheep. In this small article we are going to show you how to get your own multicolored sheep in Minecraft and what it is for.

This sheep in Minecraft changes color all the time, that is, it does not stay with a fixed color, the color of the sheep changes all the time. It does so every few milliseconds, going through all the colors of wool available in the game.

The multicolored sheep is a peaceful creature that will not attack the player and will run away if it is hit, and you can take it anywhere you want using a lasso.

If you shear this type of sheep, it will give wool of the original color it had before you renamed it, so its effect of changing the color of its wool is only visual and decorative.

It can be attracted and reproduced by carrying wheat in your hand and approaching it, but if you reproduce it with another sheep, it will be as if you were breeding normal sheep and the result will be a mixture of the two colors.

If you kill a multicolored sheep, it will give wool and also a piece of raw lamb meat that you can use for cooking or eating to restore hunger points.

How to have a Multicolored sheep in Minecraft?

Now comes the interesting part, how to create a multicolored or rainbow sheep. First you have to get a tag. The tag is an item that cannot be manufactured, so you will have to find one of these tags by going on adventures in dungeons, looking for sunken ships or fishing. You can also get tags by trading with villagers.

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Once you have a tag, you need an anvil and 1 level of experience. Just put the tag inside, type “jeb_” (removing the quotation marks and not forgetting the underscore) and you are ready to place the tag on the sheep.

jeb_ minecraft

The next step is to place the tag on top of a random sheep. It will automatically transform into a Multicolored Sheep, which has no special ability but is cute. Each sheep you make this way will make different color changes, so if you put more than one multicolored sheep it will look like a party.

How to make multicolored sheep in creative mode?

And if you don’t want to get complicated and you want to have your own flock of multicolored sheep in creative mode, you just have to rename a normal sheep creation egg with the name “jeb_” (without the quotation marks) and you will be able to create thousands of multicolored sheep without any problems.

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