The Mandalorian Skin Minecraft

Download The Mandalorian Skin for Minecraft

Download the skin of the Mandalorian, a lone gunman and bounty hunter sometimes referred to as “Mandalorian” (a generic and possibly offensive term used for all Mandalorians).

the mandalorian skin minecraft

How to install The Mandalorian Skin for Minecraft?

  • Download The Mandalorian Skin.
  • Save the downloaded image to your desktop and rename it to “steve” or “alex” (depending on your character).
  • Open the file .minecraft/versions/1.16.x/1.16.x.jar with 7-Zip, WinRAR or WinZip.
  • Open the folder assets/minecraft/textures/entity.
  • Rename the original image to ‘steve’ or ‘alex’ (save).
  • Paste the downloaded skin image into the “entity” folder.
  • Now you can become The Mandalorian.
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