“The Face in the Moon” Minecraft  Creepypasta Download Version

“The face in the moon” Creepypasta Download

A long time ago, a group of players decided to venture into an unknown Minecraft world. They started building their homes and farming their land, but soon they noticed something strange in the night sky. The moon was showing a strange and disturbing face, which seemed to be looking directly at them.

The players tried to ignore it, thinking it might just be a bug in the game, but soon they began to experience terrifying things. Monsters were appearing in the world during the day, and players began to hear strange noises during the night.

Players tried to investigate the origin of these occurrences and discovered that the face on the moon was related to all of this. It turned out to be an ancient evil entity, locked in the world of Minecraft, that had been released due to a bug in the game’s code. The entity was using the moon as a means to communicate with players and lure them into its power.

The players fought valiantly against the entity, but soon realized that they could not defeat it. The only way to survive was to escape the world before the entity caught them. The players rushed to build a portal to the real world, but when they tried to escape, the entity managed to trap them.

face on the moon

After an intense struggle, the players finally managed to escape the Minecraft world and return to real life. However, they could not forget the terrifying face they had seen on the moon. They began to investigate and discovered that the evil entity they had faced in the game was related to an ancient cult that had existed in real history.

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Eventually, the players were able to raise awareness about the danger of these cults and help prevent something similar from happening in the future. However, they never forgot the terrifying face they had seen on the moon and often wondered if they would ever encounter the evil entity again in some other virtual world.

If you want to download this version that has the evil entity on the face of the moon you can download it from the button below:

Here you can download all the scary, dark and lost versions of Minecraft, such as the classic Minecraft Error 437, Minecraft Alpha 0.0.0, Minecraft 6.6.6 and others.

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