The best Seed for Speedrun Minecraft 1.18

The best Seed for Speedrun Minecraft 1.18 Bedrock

This seed for MINECRAFT 1.18 version has villages, nether fortress, end portal, bastion and many more things, being an incredible seed to make speedrun, and finish Minecraft quickly.

SEED: -1117844226

We will also leave you all the coordinates to the villages, portals and other essential sites.

SEED: -1117844226 minec 1.18

Villages: The village you will find in the position: -831,99,387 where you will find two blacksmiths and inside you will find chests with iron, gold and apples.

end portal nether SEED -1117844226 minecraft 1.18

End Portal: The portal to the End is located at position: -793,41,394.

Stronghold: Below this village you will also find the Stronghold and a few steps from the village a portal to the incomplete nether.

Nether Portal: The portal to the Nether is located at position -913,69,253.

minecraft 1.18 nether SEED -1117844226

Once inside the nether in the position : -29, 71,-69 you will find a lot of gold and the fortress and a few steps away the bastion.

igloo SEED -1117844226 minecraft 1.18

Igloo: In addition to all the resources provided by this seed you can also find an igloo in the position: 731, 70,2259. In this position you will find a zombie and a villager. In this position you will find three blacksmiths with armor, diamonds and food.

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