how to create a server in minecraft

The best Minecraft servers for PC

Minecraft servers for PC


One of the best options that Minecraft has and that make it even more fun, is the multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode in Minecraft allows you to access servers created by other people and each one of them with its own characteristics, mods, resources, objectives and minigames.

In this article we have selected the best Servers for Minecraft in 2021 so you can play Minecraft on your PC and find new friends.

All servers below are up and running and updated for Minecraft 2021 (versions 1.15 onwards).

To enter the server, simply enter the menu Multiplayer> Direct connection and, in the server address field, simply paste the IPs that you will find below.

The Mining Dead

The Mining Dead

The Mining Dead is a server inspired by The Walking Dead series. The main objective is to team up with other players to survive the attack of hordes of zombies.
However, PVP is on, so you have to worry about surviving or attacking other players to secure your loot.
The server also has various equipment kits inspired by the characters in the series, as well as directly copied locations such as Prison, Alexandria, Woodbury, etc.



eart mc server minecraft

EarthMC the server that simulates the planet earth. It is unbeatable in scale since this server pretends to be a replica of planet Earth, with its main cities meticulously recreated.

You can visit cities like Rio de Janeiro, New York, Paris, London and many others. In addition, the server focuses on Survival mode and allows you to choose the country you want to start with to join other players and create communities.



pvp server minecraft

Looking for a Minecraft PvP Server? PvPWars is a server dedicated exclusively to PvP.
You will not find a survival mode on this server, but several different mini-games, including Skyblock and Factions.

All of them with a great competitive approach, with a general score and an economy system based on the performance of the players.



pirate minecraft server

PirateMC the Minecraft pirate server. If you like the ocean, this server allows you to build your own ships and team up with other players to form your team of pirates and explore the world.

This is a survival server but it also features PVP and allows you to compete in naval battles against other crews.




You must know this server for sure. If you don’t know it, this is the most popular server in the world. Hypixel has been in business for more than eight years and is still very active.
This server offers many minigames, which are always full of players. Among the servers you can find modes like Skywars, Bed Wars, Hunger Games and many others.
It also has a survival mode for those who don’t want so much action.



wynncraft server

The best Minecraft MMORPG server. WynnCraft is Minecraft’s largest RPG server and has around 1000 simultaneous players each time.

The service has all the features you would expect from an MMORPG, with missions, buying and selling, classes, dungeons, level system, equipment, mounts, secret content, and much more.



parks minecraft serverss

MCParks the server that is inspired by real life amusement parks.

It offers amusement parks inspired by real world parks like Disneyland, Disney World, Universal, etc.

The server also features custom amusement parks created by the server owners, as well as allowing players to build their own.



skyblock servers

If you are a fan of SkyBlock mode, this server is for you. In this mode you appear on a small floating island and you need to survive with very few resources.

You have thousands of active players every day. SkyBlock has a custom plugin that adds many island options for you to play alone or with friends.



lemon cloud servers

LemonCloud is a very popular server with thousands of active players every day.
This server has numerous modes like Survival, PVP, PVE, RPG, Prison, Factions, Hunger Games, etc.
Among all those available, the Skyblock mode is the most prominent.



craftlandia server

Craftlandia is a server that is 9 years old. The server has a strong focus on Survival mode, with its own economic system, abilities that are not in the traditional version of the game, and daily events to encourage interaction between players. Craftlandia also has a clan system, skins, and PvP arenas.

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