Survival Seeds MINECRAFT 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part 2 (JAVA and BEDROCK)

Survival Seeds MINECRAFT 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part 2 perfect to start a SURVIVAL (JAVA and BEDROCK)

In this opportunity we will give you five perfect seeds to start a survival adventure in Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part 2.

All these seeds work for both Java and Bedrock versions.

Seed number one

caves and cliff part 2 seed 460628901

Seed number one is the following: 460628901

In this seed you will start surrounded by mountains of ice, covered by snow, but the most important thing will have a cave where you can start mining and at the beginning of it you will find coal in sight.

The coordinates of the cave are: 34, 123,5.

sruvival seed village 460628901 seed

At coordinates -122, 155, -226 you will find everything you need to start a Survival, as you will find a village surrounded by mountains.

seed 460628901 cliff part 2

Deep cavern a few steps from the village at position -221, 131, -199. This cavern will be very deep, be careful not to fall while digging.

Seed number two

seed 144000170 caves and cliff part 2

The seed is the following one : 144000170

In the next seed, like the first one, you will also be surrounded by mountains covered by ice and snow.

You will start the game next to a cavern at coordinates 3, 106, 118, full of resources. This cavern is very deep and full of mineral resources.

 seed 144000170 minecraft village

You will also have two villages a few steps away from where you start the game, at coordinates 105,103,175.

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The next village is literally built on the side of a cave and on the mountain at coordinates : -172, 105,231.

seed minecraft update cave and cliffs144000170

Seed number three

coordinates seed with village 183.98, 142

Seed number three is: 58000152.

You will start in the sand surrounded by the sea, and you will have savanna biomes.

 coordinates seed 183, 98, 142,

At coordinates 183, 98, 142, you will have a village that holds something special, because it has a huge cavern full of exposed resources and even an incomplete portal waiting for you to finish it.

Seed number four

seed -1193719651 update minecraft caves and cliffs part 2

Seed number four is as follows: -1193719651.

You will start in a world formed by mountains in island format, i.e. each mountain is isolated by the ocean. Each island has its own entrance to a mega cavern.

You will have two villages, one of them will be located on top of one of these mountains, at position -331,126, -293.

seed -1193719651 coordiantes -331, 126.-239 minecraft

The positive thing about this village is that it also has a mega cave full of mining resources just a few steps away.

Seed number five

seed 95000139

Seed number five is 95000139.

The mountains will be no exception in this seed as you will be surrounded by them, all with entrances to caverns and with thick vegetation, bamboo and trees.

95000139 seed 1.18

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