Should I put smite on my axe?

Should I put smite on my axe?

Using Smite instead of Sharpen when dealing with undead demons is a significant advantage. Since Smite increases attack damage by 2.5 at each level, the maximum overall damage value of Sharpness V is 10. Therefore, Smite V will deal 19.5 attack damage to all zombie creatures when played in the version Game java. If you use the bedrock version, it will increase your attack damage to 20.5 points. We hope you found this article helpful. See other Linux Hint articles for more Minecraft tips and tutorials.

Smite in Minecraft

Smite is an enchantment in Minecraft that can be applied to weapons. In particular, it can be applied to a sword or ax. Other weapons, e.g. crossbows and bows and arrows cannot be enchanted with Smite.

Smite will add more damage when a weapon with the spell is used to target a group of “undead” (all variants of Zombies, Skeletons and Ghosts).

When to use an enchanted weapon Smite

There are three situations where you should choose Smite instead of Sharpness:

  • when dealing with a Wither. The Wither is, with the Ender Dragon, one of the bosses in Minecraft. He’ll put in one of the toughest fights you’ll have and it happens to be a mob of the undead, so the extra damage from an enchanted Smite weapon could be the difference between life and death against it
  • when you have a skeleton, zombie or zombie piglin farm (see video below for a simple skeleton spawner farm). To collect their loot you will need to kill hundreds of these mobs, so the Smite spell may speed up the job (Related: How to find ALL Mob Spawners in Minecraft)
  • in the Nether Fortresses, where there are Wither Skeletons. They’re the only non-passive mob you’ll find in the Nether (Ghasts will also attack you, but usually you want to kill them using a bow) and they’re quite dangerous, so you should be ready to fight them

Levels of Punishment and Damage

Each level adds up to 2.5 damage to the previous level. Starting at base level up to 5th level, the smite can increase the damage per hit to 12.5 points. For some swords and axes, this damage is more than three times their base level.

Smite simplifies your game by increasing your weapon’s ability to deal more damage per shot. Killing enemies and dangerous mobs can be an ordeal. You know you’ll win eventually, but hitting over and over and fiddling with entry-level weapons is not a pro-Minecrafter’s way.

The Bane Of Arthropods Enchantment

Those looking to increase their arthropod damage should consider using the Bane of Arthropods enchantment. As well as being useful for fighting these creatures, it can also be added to axes, making it a great choice for those looking for an effective weapon.

Spiders, Cave Spiders, Bees, Silverfish, and Endermites all gain extra damage while Bane of Arthropods.

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