Should I let my kid play Minecraft?

How to play Minecraft?

Minecraft was designed on the concept of freedom. There are no specific goals for players to achieve, and no right or wrong way to play. This gives players the opportunity to use their creativity to build anything they can imagine in the virtual world.

Players start the game by creating a character and then are free to explore the infinite world of Minecraft. The game consists of cubes that represent different materials, such as earth, stone, water and lava. Players can tear down these cubes and use them to build anything they can imagine.

Minecraft parental controls via Xbox Live and in-game security

Xbox Live sign-in is now required to play Minecraft multiplayer games online. Additionally, creating an Xbox Live account and gamertag allows parents to configure privacy and multiplayer preferences.

  • To set up Parental Controls, sign in to your Xbox Live account at If you don’t have an Xbox Live account yet, you can easily create one for free using a Microsoft account.
  • Within your Xbox Live account, click Privacy & Online Safety. There you’ll find gamer pictures for everyone in your Microsoft family.
  • Now, find Multiplayer Game Join Settings: Once this feature is turned off, your child will not be able to join any online multiplayer games in Minecraft or even shared worlds, kingdoms, or local servers.
  • Accounts for children under 13: Here you must provide permission to create an Xbox Live account and create a child account here: Child accounts have multiplayer communication blocked by default.
  • Others can communicate with voice, text, or invitation settings: when these settings are locked, your child can still join and play multiplayer Minecraft games, but won’t be able to see chat messages from others players or their invitations to play games.
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Playing together is safer.

The truth about Minecraft is that it can be a lonely game. Often it’s just you, a pickaxe and a mine because zombies are awful talkers. Hence, many children are interested in playing on Minecraft servers that they find online because the worlds are elaborately designed and they can play with other people. There is a lot of bad behavior on the servers: swearing, profanity, bullying and hurting (destroying and stealing other people’s things). Parents can help find (or build) safe servers for their kids, and if we play games with them, we can supervise their online interactions.

Is Minecraft safe for 7 year olds?

While some recommend the game for older children, Minecraft is very popular with kids aged 6 and up. Hence, many parents of 7-year-olds are allowing their kids to play it. If you allow your child to play Minecraft on a public server that allows them to play with people from all over the world, there may be security issues. We recommend that you keep them safe from cyberbullies and predators. Some parents choose to keep their child in the local game to avoid these problems. This is a personal decision that each parent must make on their own.

Again, taking a look at the game and even playing it yourself can help you determine if you want your child to play it and at what age. Ultimately, you get to know your child best and can make the best decision.

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