Should I let my 11 year old play Minecraft?

The main reason Minecraft may seem more challenging than other games is because it’s a sandbox game. This means that there is no specific set of goals you need to achieve in order to “win”. Other games, such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, have a limited time required to complete a game. While kids play round after round, Minecraft doesn’t have a time frame or goal that “finishes” the game. For this reason, it can be difficult for children to identify when enough is enough, as the goal they have in mind is created by them and may not be realistic for a specific amount of time.

While many games have a higher age rating, Minecraft is rated 10+. With the lower age rating, some children don’t have the maturity to know when enough is enough. It is a very easily accessible game that is available on most platforms, making it easy to play no matter what device they have.


How to play Minecraft?

Minecraft was designed on the concept of freedom. There are no specific goals for players to achieve, and no right or wrong way to play. This gives players the opportunity to use their creativity to build anything they can imagine in the virtual world.

Players start the game by creating a character and then are free to explore the infinite world of Minecraft. The game consists of cubes that represent different materials, such as earth, stone, water and lava. Players can tear down these cubes and use them to build anything they can imagine.

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What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is what we call a sandbox adventure video game, which means that it provides a creative landscape with no fixed goals or endgames and plenty of possibilities. Its characters have a blocky, chunky, lego-like design that looks pretty childish. Mojang Studios developed this video game in 2011. It is one of the best-selling video games with over 238 million copies sold worldwide and nearly 140 million active users, as of 2021.

The main difference between Minecraft and other video games suitable for children is that it does not have any specific goal for the player to achieve. While other video games have specific goals or objectives, such as Mario rescuing the princess in “Super Mario” or multiplayer racing games such as “Team Sonic Racing”, Minecraft is unique in that it has no storyline, gives you no instruction, and offers instead players have the opportunity to create a world from their own imagination.

Popular Minecraft Game Terms

Minecraft Mobs

These are your main opponents in survival mode. Mobs can be creatures, monsters, animals, bugs, or villagers that try to kill your character or damage your items. In video games in general, “mob” is short for “movable object”, which is a computer-controlled non-player character.


But with supervision and with some caveats.

First I have to say I’m NOT a Minecraft player, however I’ve just played it with my kids on their server… (so I’m only saying this as a mom looking over my teenage shoulders)… My two boys and their friends are gamers, they play it all the time, when they can play video games i.e.. we have rules for play times. The photo above was taken by one of my son friends.

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