Should I buy Java or Bedrock?

Minecraft on PC has traditionally been available for download in two separate editions known as the Java Edition and the Bedrock Edition. However, that will change on June 7, when the two versions will be sold together on PC.

You may be wondering what it means to you. Basically, it’s just a small change. A single purchase will now get you both editions of the game in one package. This also means that you will now only find a vanilla version of Minecraft on Windows. If you already own the Bedrock or Java edition, don’t worry. Mojang notes that all players who own Java Edition or Bedrock Edition will get the edition they don’t currently own for free, right in the Minecraft Launcher. However, it may take up to three days to show up.

Minecraft Bedrock – What’s included?

If you are looking for the most complete version of Minecraft in which you can dive right away, Bedrock will be your choice. You’ll be able to dive right into multiplayer games with friends, so you can play with anyone, whether on PC, mobile or console at home. Everyone is welcome to participate, and you’ll even be able to take your purchases to more platforms if you buy Minecraft again on a different system.

However, you’ll be limited to a fairly vanilla experience, as Bedrock limits modding capabilities, so if you’re looking to go crazy with all sorts of different mods in the game, this isn’t going to be the version for you . Bedrock features several paid content packs, just like the recent Spongebob Minecraft DLC, so you can experience these crazy worlds for just a few dollars at a time. You will also be able to find different resource packs, character skins and more, but be aware that they will cost you money.

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Cross-platform play

If you are looking for cross-platform gameplay then Bedrock is better as it allows cross-platform multiplayer access across consoles, mobile and PC (Windows 10). While the Java Edition is limited to PC only and only allows you to play with other players on Java which is a bit more limiting.

Bedrock Edition supports add-ons and features more paid content that can be added to the game, while the Java version only allows you to install freely available mods, such as texture packs.

Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Bedrock Edition was initially created as Minecraft Pocket Edition and was a mobile version of the main Minecraft game. It was created after the traction that Java Edition was getting. Later, it was bought by Microsoft and accelerated to the point where it is in power with Java Edition. Bedrock Edition of Minecraft is the best edition if you want to get more social experience as it is available on all platforms. If you have Minecraft that isn’t Java Edition or on PC, then it’s Bedrock Edition or a variant thereof. While it looks identical to Java Edition, there are many substantial differences in gameplay and support since Microsoft owns it. It’s very easy to pick it up and play with friends and family. You can also play with people from different platforms as it has crossplay and cross-platform support.

Minecraft Java Edition

It was first released in 2009 under the name Minecraft, but in 2017 it was given a new name, Minecraft Java, and since it was created in Java, it is largely incompatible with the latest version of Minecraft.

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