Should I buy Bedrock or Java?

On June 4, 2022, Minecraft posted a notice on its official website announcing that starting June 7, Windows players will receive both versions of the game when they purchase Minecraft. In other words, if you buy Java Edition, you also get Bedrock Edition and vice versa.

NOTE: This will only be available to people who own a Windows computer. If you have Mac, Linux or any other operating system and you want to play both versions, you will need to purchase them separately.

Additional Game Modes

In addition to the Survival and Creative game modes, the Java Edition also offers a Observer mode and a Hardcore mode.

In Observer mode, players can move freely around the environment like in Creative mode, but they do not have a character model and cannot otherwise interact with the world, other than participating in chat.


Bedrock Edition supports add-ons and offers more paid content that can be added to the game, while the Java version only allows you to install the available mods for free, such as texture packs .

So, if you don’t want to be limited by Microsoft-approved mods, you’ll have to go for the Bedrock Edition.

Updates and Access

Java edition receives updates periodically called snapshots, which is testing the game versions although they provide great experience at the beginning but also may corrupt your world then it’s best to have a backup before trying them. Use Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshot in the installation tab, after that the game will update every time a snapshot comes out.

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In Bedrock Edition, trial versions of the game are called beta versions. You can access them using the platform that supports this edition. Betas can also be unstable and you should back up your worlds.

Verdict: Java VS Bedrock Edition Minecraft

Both editions of Minecraft, Java Edition VS Bedrock Edition, have their pros and cons. If you like tweaking and checking out multiplayer servers, Java Edition is your choice. If you want to have the game but don’t have a good device, Bedrock Edition is your choice. Objectively speaking, Minecraft Java Edition is better but has more recent updates, the line of difference blurs. Ultimately which edition you choose depends on what you want from the edition and what you want to do in the game. Plus, starting June 7, 2022, you’ll get both editions of the game if you buy one. So it’s a question of whether or not you want Minecraft rather than which edition you want.

This was all about which Minecraft Edition is best for you. I hope this guide helped you. You can also check out our guides like Can Villagers Climb Ledders in Minecraft

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