Seeds with Infinite Diamonds – Minecraft

Seeds with Infinite Diamonds in Minecraft

In this article we bring you several seeds with infinite diamonds for different versions of Minecraft: 1.15.2, 1.16, 1.17, for JAVA and also for BEDROCK.

Just by creating a new world you will have infinite diamonds and in just 15 minutes you will have all the diamonds for the complete armor. You can even create a house of diamonds.

Seed with Infinite Diamonds for 1.15.2 (JAVA)

This seed is for Minecraft Java 1.15.2 and is the seed number 54126316468345. The coordinates are as follows: X=-109 Y=10 Z=269.

minecraft seed diamond infinite-SEED: 54126316468345

SEED: 54126316468345

IMPORTANT: At these coordinates you must mine to the South direction 16 blocks and then mine to the East, 16 blocks. But if you want even more diamonds mine 16 more blocks to the South and then 16 blocks to the East 16, and so on and so on and infinitely in a loop.

If you follow the same pattern you will always have diamonds, in this seed you will also have a huge amount of desert pits.


This is another seed with diamonds but unlike the previous one this one is available for Bedrock. The seed is 1669320484 and the coordinates are 1223, 12, 556. In these coordinates you will find caves with infinite diamonds that repeat successively in a loop.

infiinite diamond Seed: 1669320484

 Seed: 1669320484


This seed with infinite diamonds for PE, SWITCH, W10, PS4, XBOX ONE is the seed 289849025 and the coordinates are 1025, 72, -2189. In these coordinates you will find a cave with infinite diamonds.

289849025 seed infinite diamond

Seed: 289849025

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