Seeds to build a castle in Minecraft

The five most important seeds to build castles

If you are one of those Minecraft players who rarely try the Survival mode and usually opt for the Creation mode, you have surely thought about building a castle.

A medieval castle would be ideal for a game like Minecraft, which in itself has a feudal atmosphere, mainly because of the look of the game and the furniture and building blocks available.

However, finding the perfect place to start building a rudimentary castle can be a challenge. To create the perfect home for your new palace, you need plenty of open space and an aesthetically pleasing environment.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some Minecraft seeds that generate a world that is exactly what you need to build the castle you’ve always wanted.

Egyptian island with the Sphinx

This Minecraft seed will take you to a world where you can quickly find oddly shaped rock formations like the Egyptian Sphinx.

Egyptian island with the Sphinx

You can easily turn the building of your dreams into a pyramid, or use the Sphinx as a prop to create the ultimate Egyptian castle. There is also plenty of room around this rock formation to create the perfect structure.

Seed Code: 2513709692913728044

Turtle Island

With this special Minecraft material, you can travel to an island shaped like a giant turtle. The island is quite big and has a beautiful landscape, which makes it the perfect place to build your new castle.

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trotuge island minecraft

There is a small pond in the center of the island that can be used for construction.

Seed Code: 6105164681913734231

The World of Shadows

When you enter the World of Shadows with the seed generator, you will find a beautiful landscape suitable for building a castle.

The World of Shadows seed minecraft

At the birth point, there is a small clearing from which you can start building. You can also be a bit more adventurous and build on top of a beautiful mountain range, which will give you a great ledge and show off the beauty of the irises.


Castaway Island

This Minecraft seed will take you to an island so beautiful that it might be the best decoration for your new castle.

desert island casta way island

The coast is a good place for construction. Especially since there is a shipwreck nearby, you can make it look like the survivors of the shipwreck are now kings of a deserted island.

Seed Code: 8915849700870136489

The Great Plains

The best biome for serious construction is the plains biome. This is what Minecraft Seed is all about.

expansive seed minecraft

If you are looking for the perfect medieval castle with a moat of heath, this world has some purposeful bodies of water and the remote desert biome makes up for the natural differences.

Seed code: -423673225502336066

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