Seed 1493028, the Cursed Seed of Minecraft

Seed 1493028 Minecraft

If you want to enter the cursed seed, you must enter the following: 1493028 . When you enter you will realize that you are in a strange world because you will see that no tree has leaves, as if winter had come and all its leaves fell or maybe they were pruned, perhaps by Herobrine.

Also the music you will hear will sound totally distorted and out of tune.

Minecraft CREEPYPASTA: Seed “1493028”

If you find a village, you will see that it will be in flames as if it had been attacked but without taking its resources, which is strange and as far as we know only Entity 303 would be able to do something like this.

All the villages you visit in this seed will be found without signs of life, totally burned, burning in flames but still with their resources intact among which you will find bones, rotten meat, gunpowder and spider eyes all over the village.

You won’t find any kind of enemy, no villager, only resources, burned villages and redstone and bones everywhere.

The strange part will come when an unknown user communicates with you in the chat, called entity 149303028, who will warn you that you should not be in this world.

play Minecraft CREEPYPASTA: Seed “1493028”

After this message your world will start to crash, the music will get louder and the noise will become deafening, finally closing the game completely.

But the truth is that this is just a horror story in Minecraft, a creepypasta, and you can try it by yourself to confirm if it sends you to the world told.

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