Plugins for Minecraft (Essential)

The Best Plugins for Minecraft Servers

In this article we will see a list of plugins that are very useful for your Minecraft server, we have plugins on how to protect your server, how to make it more beautiful, all with their respective download button so you don’t have to search for them one by one on the Internet.

All plugins in this article are fully updated for Minecraft 1.16.


plugin vault for minecraft 1.16

This is a very important plugin and will provide chat load and economy to other plugins i.e. VAULT will work as a link to other plugins can be interacted with through this plugins we can use plugins like Craftconomy, among others.

 Skin Restorer

plugin vault skin restorer for minecraft

This plugin was created as a solution for skins on non-premium servers. Thanks to this plugin any user will be able to use any player’s skin with the /skin command.

This plugin can also change skins even on premium servers and change the player’s head icon.

Clear Lag

clear lag plugin minecraft no premium

It is designed to reduce server clutter by eliminating floating sites and users remaining around all maps on the server, which will drastically reduce your server’s ram and CPU usage.

Login Security

This is an add-on user authentication management system that will add an enrollment option and a login bar every time a user logs into your server.

It features secure password storage as it uses cryptography.

Plugin Holographics Displays

This is a plugin that will help make your server look more impressive, what this plugin does is that it gives you the option to put floating hologram blocks on the server to either welcome the user, give instructions to insert stats, show when they log in there, display icons among many other things. This plugin is worth installing immediately.

Plugin Chest Command

This is a plugin that allows you to create multiple interactive menus on your server.

You will be able to create a menu with items and you can assign configurable commands to it, such as making a context menu or a station to navigate your server, even a shop where users can buy and sell their items among many other things in this Minecraft plugin.

Plugin Multiverse CORE/PORTALS

This is a plugin that helps us manage worlds on our server. It allows us to create different types of worlds, seeds and custom generators.

We can also set a world to either creative or survival mode, and the Multiverse extension allows us to create portals that allow the user to travel between other worlds.

multiverse plugin minecraft

With the Multiverse-Core plugin you can add unlimited worlds to your server. To make a universe, you simply run the command /mv create <world_name>

If you want to add additional worlds to your server, this plugin is for you.

Multiverse Core is the most advanced multi-world plugin and is easy to use. Each world you add will use server elements, including your RAM. Take this into consideration when adding new worlds.

You can remove worlds that no longer require using the command /mv remove <world_name>

Plugin Luck Perms

This is a permissions add-on for your server that allows server administrators to control the features that players can use by creating classes and assigning permissions.

With this add-on, you can add classes to your server and restrict or allow player access to commands.

The additional permissions allow you to create classes and grant players different access rights, as well as create groups on the Minecraft server. Among other things, you can grant moderators moderator capabilities and grant them unique permissions.

This add-on also makes it easy to add chat preferences for certain classes or individuals if you are using EssentialsX Chat (or a similar chat format add-on).

We recommend LuckPerms because it has an easy-to-use web-based working platform and is actively maintained by developers.

A common alternative to LuckPerms that we also recommend is PermissionsEx. PermissionsEx is a good choice because it is well documented and there are several manuals for it. If you are not satisfied with LuckPerms, we recommend that you try PermissionsEx.

Plugin Essentials X

This is a very important plugin for the server. With this plugin you can create weapon sets and tools with the Spawner Mod.

This plugin also gives you access to more than five new controllers to make it easier to manage and play on the server. It also contributes to the server by creating a general economy.

Among other things, Essentials X allows us to change the default server origin, create one or more houses, welcome a user when they first log in, give a flyer to a specific user, enchant items with a command, access money, teleport a player, among other things.

This plugin is also called “Essentials” and has the following features and functionality:

Chat moderator tools: this moderation tool allows you to remove disruptive players, mute players, block players or ban players for a certain period of time.

Warps: This feature allows you to teleport to predefined areas of the world.

Kitek: Allows players to request predefined equipment and inventory items. Kits are common on PVP and survival servers.

Economy: currency, tokens, command costs, etc.

User nicknames.

In addition to the main features already mentioned, this plugin has many additional features such as:

EssentialsX Chat: customize the chat format for each player or by groups (users with ranks), for example by adding colors and prefixes.

EssentialsX Spawn: shows where other players appear when they join the server and where they reappear when they die.

EssentialsX Protect: This feature allows you, for example, to disable TNT or vine detonations, prevent fire from spreading, and control any monsters that may spawn.

Plugins World Edit/Guard

It is a plugin whose main purpose is to help the player to quickly build buildings. It can be used to build almost anything, using a variety of tools such as brushes, block replacements, and simply by command.

You can also get walls, floors, spheres, cylinders and much more with a simple command.

This is a plugin that seems to be added to our server, it asks for a prerequisite to have world editing installed.

Wordl war is used to protect zones or areas of the world on our server, you can set rules in this area such as health restoration, food restoration, disable blow tnt or any command.

Other must-have plugins for all Minecraft servers

Below we leave you the best Minecraft plugins and the most used by all server creators.

To have these free plugins, you will have to use Spigot (or CraftBukkit) as your server type.


ViaVersion allows players to easily join your server from any version of the Minecraft client.

ViaVersion requires no configuration and works right out of the box.

Once installed, your server will be synchronized with the latest versions. This makes it a common option for servers that choose older versions.


Create your own plugins, with SKRIPT you can make your own scripts that are as powerful as normal Minecraft plugins.


Players have the option to create or add existing locations. Cities are protected plots of land, allowing players to buy smaller plots within them. Each city has its own hierarchy of government with kings, mayors and residents.


Fast Async World Edit is a performance enhanced edition of the usual Spigot add-on, WorldEdit.


It facilitates players to make clans that have the possibility to claim and secure land. Factions also requires you to install the MassiveCore add-on.


It makes it easy for you to sell ranks or cosmetic items on your server, or to accept donations.


Connects the Minecraft server to the Discord server. Allows you to view the server chat in Discord and play at the same time.


When players vote for their server in the server lists, Votifier will perform actions such as giving the player a reward for voting.


A voter add-on that allows you to easily change the rewards players receive for voting.


It makes it easy for you to disguise yourself as a mafia or other player, similar to LibsDisguises, but for free.


Create challenges for players, such as defeating 100 skeletons on Halloween or reaching a specific sector on the map.


Editing name tags makes it easy for individuals to change the name tags above their head and their names in the card list.


Its purpose is to transform your add-on into a modpack, without needing Forge or Sponge.


A wide-ranging creation utility that is useful for creating and creating terrain.


Multiverse Inventories is a Multiverse add-on that shares player inventories and statistics for each world or subset of worlds.


It makes it easier for you to break the mob spawns and receive them as an item to achieve placement elsewhere.


A tool for server managers and moderators that makes it easy for them to become invisible.


One of the oldest and most popular anti-fraud supplements. However, it is currently not receiving updates.


An add-on for citizens that makes it easier for NPCs to perform commands when players select them.


Lockette makes it easy for players to deny their chests to secure the items inside. Only the owner of the chest and invited players have the ability to open the chest.

The Spigot, Bukkit and CraftBukkit plugins work on the Spigot server type; just place them in your Minecraft add-ons folder.


Well, the typical TNTRun game, if someone doesn’t know it, consists of the following: It is an arena, for example cylindrical, with several floors with the floor of TNT, and as you go walking the TNT falls the one that takes longer to fall wins.

Hunger Games

I’m sure you all know this one, so there’s no need for me to explain it, I’m sure you’ve already seen the movie and know that there is only one winner.

Sleep Harbour

Make the players sleep and encourage them to sleep.

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