Download Minecraft Beta 1.0.1

This is one of the most terrifying versions of Minecraft known as the lost version or Beta version 1.0.1, where you will start in a world with a lot of fog and very little visibility. Of course, the distorted sound and terrifying screams will not be missing. Unlike other terrifying versions of Minecraft, such as Chaoscraft where animals are hostile, in Minecraft Beta 1.0.1 sheep, cows and other animals are peaceful. Scary signs will appear at night, automatically generated and as if by magic become visible, with messages in a very intense red. Something very strange about this version is

Download Minecraft Chaos Edition or Chaoscraft

Chaoscraft is known as the hellish version of Minecraft, because of the creepiness of the game environment, the mysticism that surrounds it and its hostile environment. In this version of Minecraft all animals are hostile and red-eyed, cows will chase you, attack and cause damage, even the zombie chickens, sheep and pigs you will encounter. The only peaceful creature in this version will be “Steve“, he will not attack or chase you, but if you commit the folly of attacking him, he will explode, killing you on the spot. Of course, floating blocks, flaming trees and inverted crosses made of

Download Minecraft GHOST

You will start a new world in Minecraft being the only player in that world, at least that’s what you think because soon you will notice that something accompanies you and stalks you, some players have nicknamed it “Ghost“. “Minecraft Ghost” is one of the most famous creepypasta in Minecraft. Once you start the game you will notice that you are not in a normal world, since many objects will float in the air. Be careful with dark places, try to illuminate your house with torches because “Ghost” usually appears in dark places and when you least expect it will

Christmas Mods for Minecraft 1.12

This time we present the three best Christmas mods for Minecraft  1.12. Joshua’s Christmas mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 adds all kinds of Christmas decorations, perfect for this time of year when you need a little color and cheer. There are new lights to decorate your Christmas trees, tinsel, and even hats to dress up as Santa Claus. Joshua’s Christmas is the best Christmas mod for Minecraft 1.12, definitely one of the most important mods to have installed at the end of the year. With all the cool accessories it adds, we can have a great party with all our Minecraft

Download Minecraft 6.6.6

The cursed version, Minecraft 6.6.6, is a Minecraft update planned for Halloween. When you start your world, Minecraft will function normally but as you progress, strange things will start to happen. The first symptom will be when your heart bar starts to change, you will have 4 hearts, then 37, then 10 hearts and this will not stop. You must also be careful with the water in the villages because at some point they will turn into lava and the roof of the buildings will start to burn. Then as night falls, you will get messages warning you that you

Download Minecraft 0.0.0 Alpha-The Haunted Version

Upon entering Minecraft Alpha 0.0.0 you will encounter a foggy world with very low visibility. The creepy part happens when you find the first sign that says “I will change your fate for the worse DIE“, from there things will get worse for you, as you will hear terrifying screams closer and closer to you. Keep in mind that after you start finding this kind of posters the scary things will start. If you get scared and decide to leave, the game will not allow you to do so and you will have to press the Alt + F4 keys

Download Siren Head MOD for Minecraft Java Edition

If you are looking to find Siren Head in Minecraft, don’t worry, he will find you first. This MOD for Minecraft, gives you the possibility to kill the famous monster of Silent Hill, called Siren Head. As you start playing, try to find all the resources during the day, make weapons and if possible a house, because when night falls you will have to escape from Siren Head or fight against him. I’ll give you a hint, Siren Head is vulnerable to fire, so it is convenient that you are with a torch in your hand. You can try to

Hole Filler Mod – Smart Hole Filler Minecraft

This mod as its name suggests, will allow us to plug or fill holes by simply throwing a ball to fill holes. With this mod you can automatically fill the crater created by a Creeper, an imperfection in the terrain, a hole caused by a TNT explosion, you can even use them to fill areas with materials or colored blocks.These hole fillers will allow you to quickly plug small lava or water lakes. You can even use it to turn an irregular surface into a flat surface and build on it. In this mod there are three types of “hole

Download Entity 303

Legend has it that a former Minecraft employee was fired and now wants revenge on Mojang however others say that it is a whole team of hackers who used usernames similar to entity 303 and derivatives of this name. However the probability of seeing this subject is very low, some speak of a probability of one in a hundred and others speak of one between forty and these. Others speak that there is a probability that it appears in your world if you are playing in the early morning around three o’clock in the morning, but the truth is that

Download the best Dragon Mods for Minecraft

If you want to tame a dragon and fly on one of these wonderful beasts, in this article we bring you the free download, the best dragon mods and finally fly on the Ender Dragon.There is no Minecraft player who at least once, wanted to ride the Ender Dragon. In Minecraft without mods you only have one dragon and it’s the Ender Dragon, it’s the final boss of the game but you can’t tame it, that’s why Minecraft modding community has the best mods to let you tame a dragon and ride it and here we bring you the free