Minecraft Servers for Adults, without children

Minecraft servers for adults

Compilation with the best Minecraft servers for adults, where children are not accepted.

Childless Survival Server for Mineraft 1.16.3

adult server for minecraf Soar | The Kid-Free Minecraft Server!

This is an adults-only server where you can build your own home on a private island in the sky.

You can also choose your biome and jump off your private island to explore a new jungle every day, full of unexplored expanses, mysterious caves full of minerals, villages and fortresses. You can take home what you collect, where you can build away from the monsters.

Each player gets a free personal island in the sky, you choose the biomass of your island (desert, jungle, ice peaks, etc.) and regenerate your landscape whenever you want. To venture out and collect resources, simply jump in. When you are ready to return to nature, simply type / home. You can even take animals and villagers with you by typing / home when they are nearby!

This is a Minecraft survival server exclusively for ages 18+, not crowded with a friendly community with dungeons, spells, potions and items and also has Halloween events.

To avoid children, this server has age requirements for branding, targeting, moderation (bans).

This server is PVE (player against environment) or also known as JCE (player against environment).

If you are tired of servers overcrowded with children, this server is for you, as it is exclusively for adults without a chat room full of annoying messages.

As a server that prides itself on being unoccupied, you will be guaranteed space to build and explore between you and your neighbors. You can also build on islands in the sky.

On this server you will also have a dessert every day so you can have new adventures every day.

In the dungeons, you will find exclusive loot, including custom spells and potion recipes.

Monsters will not appear near your home, and when you find them you can collect heads for each type of creature and train these monsters to help you in your adventure in the land.

The nice thing about this server is that every month new events and special areas are created for PvP, parkour, spleef, trading and other activities.

To play this server you must login or connect here:

Connect to:

soar.bigscarygames.com (o

TogetherCraft Server 21+ server

This is a survival focused, whitelist and 21+ server. This server has the feature that you can enable PVP mode or disable it whenever you want.

Another feature of this server is that you can create your own items and sell them in the community or trade them with other users.

BadWolfMC Server 18+

This is a semi-vanilla 1.17.1 Minecraft server for adults (18+) built to be a laid-back, drama-free place to relax, get creative and have some fun.


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