Minecraft potions: guide, recipes, how to make them and what they are used for.

Minecraft potions: what they are used for.

Potions in Minecraft are concoctions that are used to give modified effects to the player himself, or to animals, enemy creatures and other players.

There are two types of potions, normal potions and casting potions. Normal potions give our character altered states when we drink them. Throwing potions allows us to cause these altered states, through an area effect, to any creature in the game, be it an animal, enemy entity or another Minecraft player, that is in the area affected by the potion.

To make potions in Minecraft, we first have to make glass jars, then a cauldron, get the ingredients for the potion or potions we want to make, get water and distill those ingredients into the potion cauldron.

There are four levels of filters: basic filters, level 1 filters, level 2 filters and level 3 filters. To make a level 1 filter, we only need the necessary ingredients. To make a level 2 filter, we will need the level 1 filter, plus some new components. And so on, until we get to level 3 filters.

How to make potions in Minecraft

As we delve into the great adventure that is Minecraft, we will learn how to make potions and various alchemy recipes. To do this, we have to place bottles in the bottom three positions of the potion making interface and an ingredient in the top position so that the ingredient can be distilled inside the bottles and the potions can be consumed to give the player a certain effect.

Therefore, all potions start with a bottle containing water (obtained by filling a glass bottle with a water source or a cauldron) and adding an ingredient, which is usually an abyssal wart, obtained from the Netherlands. Here are the different recipes we can get and the corresponding ingredients to make them.

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brewing stand potions minecraft


Minecraft Alchemy: all recipes and ingredients

Weakness: fermented spider’s eye

Long-term weakness: fermented spider’s eye ↔ Red stone

Strength: Abyssal wart → Flame dust

Extra Strength: Abyssal wart → Flame dust → Red stone

Strength II: Abyssal wart → Flame dust → Red stone

Regeneration: Abyssal wart → Tear of Ghast

Regeneration East: abyssal wart → Tear of Ghast → Red stone

Regeneration II: Abyssal wart → Tear of Ghast → Red Stone Dust

Speed: Abyssal wart → Sugar

Quickness Extension: abyssal wart → Sugar → Red Stone

Quickness II: abyssal wart → Sugar → Shiny Stone Dust

Slowness: abyssal wart → Sugar → Fermented spider’s eye // Abyssal wart → Magma cream → Red stone
Of magma → Fermented spider eye // Abyssal wart → Rabbit’s foot → Fermented spider eye.

Extension: abyssal wart → Sugar → Fermented spider eye ↔ Red stone // Abyssal wart → Magma cream → Fermented spider eye ↔ Red stone // Abyssal wart → Rabbit’s foot → Fermented spider eye ↔ Red stone.

Cure: abyssal wart → Sparkling watermelon

Cure II: abyssal wart → Sparkling watermelon → Sparkling stone powder.

Damage: abyssal wart → Sparkling watermelon → Fermented spider’s eye // Abyssal wart →
Spider Eye → Fermented Spider Eye

Damage II: abyssal wart → Sparkling watermelon → Fermented spider eye ↔ Glowing stone dust // Abyssal wart → Spider eye → Fermented spider eye ↔ Glowing stone dust.

Poison: abyssal wart → Spider’s eye
Exten. poison: abyssal wart → Spider eye → Red stone

Poison II: Abyssal wart → Spider eye → Luminous stone dust

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Flame Retardant Body: abyssal wart → Magma Cream

Fireproof Body Extended: abyssal wart → Magma Cream → Red stone

Night Vision: abyssal wart → Golden carrot

Night Vision Extension: abyssal wart → Golden carrot → Red stone

Invisibility: abyssal wart → Golden carrot → Fermented spider eye

Extended invisibility: abyssal wart → Golden carrot → Fermented spider eye ↔ Red stone

Aquatic Breath: abyssal wart → Blowfish

Extended aquatic breathing: abyssal wart → Blowfish → Redstone

Jump: abyssal wart → Rabbit’s foot → Redstone

Jump II: Abyssal wart → Rabbit’s Foot → Redstone Dust

Jump Extended: Abyssal wart → Rabbit’s Foot → Redstone.

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All Minecraft potions and their effects

potion and alchemy minecraft

Below you will find all the potions that can be created in Minecraft:

Positive Potions

Strength: Increases the character’s melee attack damage by 1.5 hearts.

Regeneration: Restores half a heart of health every 2.5 seconds.

Healing: Restores your character’s health bar.

Speed: Increases walking speed, running speed and jump length.

Jump: Increases your character’s jump height.

Apnea: The oxygen bar is not depleted underwater.

Invisibility: We will be invisible unless we are wearing weapons, tools or armor.

Fire resistance: Immunity to fire in lava, magma blocks, fires and flame attacks.

Night vision: will look like daylight. At night and underwater.

Slow: Fall Slow fall without taking damage when falling to the ground.

Negative Potions

Damage: Inflicts 3 hearts of damage.

Poison: subtracts half the health of a heart every 1.25 seconds.

Weakness: Reduces the damage of melee attacks by 2 hearts.

Slowness: Reduces the player’s speed to 85% of normal speed.

Mixed Potions

Master Turtle: Slows the player to 40% of normal speed and reduces damage taken by 40%.

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