Minecraft keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys in Minecraft

Things can be boring at first. Especially if you have never played the game, and don’t know how to put or add commands in Minecraft. Commands and hotkeys will be used for even the most basic things, like TP or teleportation in Minecraft.

So to help you out, in this article, we will talk a little bit about hotkeys in Minecraft and also teach you some useful combinations and shortcuts for you to enjoy this amazing survival game to the fullest.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Minecraft

Hotkeys are keys that, when pressed, perform a special action, display a menu, or perform a unique combination in the game.

There are several hotkeys in Minecraft, so below we will show you what some of the hotkeys are and what function they perform.

  • ESC key, this is used to open the player menu. In this menu we can access game options, properties, statistics, etc. It is also very useful to exit any drop down menu, such as chat, inventory, among others.
  • F1 key, with this key we can see the HUD of things. You may be asking yourself, what is the HUD? Well, the answer is quite simple, the HUD is the silhouette of things. For example, if we see a billboard, the HUD will show the square silhouette of the billboard.
  • The F2 key, allows you to take automatic screenshots of the game. By simply pressing this key you can create an image in png format.
  • The F3 key allows us to see general game information, for example, which version of Minecraft we are using, how many FPS the game is, if we are connected to the Internet, it shows us the speed or MS of the game. Debugging information (contains coordinates).
  • Shift key + F3, displays the general game information, but with graphics built in. This is basically the same function as F3, but with additional information and graphics.
  • F3 + Q, this is the most important key of all, as it will display a list of commands in the chat that allows us to see everything we can do with the F3 key.

F3 + Q Minecraft

  • F5 key, used to change the player’s vision from first to third person. By pressing this key, we can see our character’s skin.
  • F3 + Shift, Change Profile
  • F3 + A, Reload components
  • F3 + B , Show hitboxes
  • F3 + C , Cut manually
  • F3 + D , Delete chat history.
  • F3 + F , Increase power gap by 1 .
  • F3 + F + Shift , Decrease rendering distance by 1.
  • F3 + G ,Shift the edges of the part .
  • F3 + H . Advanced tool tips (adds details for most tools, e.g. the number of moves left in a pick).
  • F3 + N . Switch between viewer and creative mode .
  • F3 + P . Pause game (allows you to use Alt + Tab without displaying the menu).
  • F3 + Q . Show all F3 key combinations.
  • F3 + S . Reload sounds and textures.
  • F3 + T . Reload all sounds, textures, templates and other content added/edited from a resource pack .
  • F3 + Alt . Show FPS graphic .
  • F5 . Toggle camera view.
  • F8 . Toggle smooth camera.
  • F11 . Toggle full screen
  • Keys 1-9 (not the numeric keypad) . Quickly switch to/from the toolbar.
  • F . Toggle object between outer and main hand.
  • Q . Exit a single object
  • Q + Ctrl . Discard a whole stack of objects
  • T . Open discussion
  • Left Shift . Sneak (allows you to reach the edge of blocks without falling)
  • Tab . Show player list, autocomplete commands, usernames, etc .
  • Ctrl (or double press W) .Sprint.
  • Middle mouse click . Select block (moves the clicked block in the toolbar if it is in your inventory in survival mode).
  • Right mouse click (on your supply pile) . Take half of the pile.
  • Hold down the right mouse button (on the creation/stockpile grid) . Distribute only one of the contained items at each place you click with the mouse.
  • Hold down the left mouse button (on the lay-on/shelf grid) . Distribute the object contained in each mouse position evenly.
  • Left click + shift key (on the craft grid). Create as many objects as possible.
  • Double left click .Grab a whole object (up to a whole stack).
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Keyboard/mouse combinations

When we talk about combinations in Minecraft, we refer to the use of keys and mouse for a specific action. So, here you will learn the most basic combinations and some more advanced ones.

–>If we right-click and press on a material in our inventory, we can select it. But if we leave the right click pressed down and drag the material into the empty spaces, it splits in two until we get to one, for example: 64 wood, 32 wood, 16 wood.

–>Shift + right click, is used to drop all the same items in the inventory. For example, if I have 4 boxes in the inventory of 64 earth cubes, I press this combination and when I drop them on the X icon, the 4 boxes with the earth cubes disappear.If we press shift + right click on any item that is in our inventory with the cursor, we can bring it to our chest faster to keep it (immediately). We can do the same thing in reverse, i.e. quickly take all items from the chest and bring them immediately to our inventory bar.

–>Quickly empty the items; “CTRL + Q”.There are several ways to get rid of a pile of items. For example, you can drag them out of your inventory by clicking the left mouse button to remove them. Or you can throw all the objects in the pile to the ground, one by one, by pressing the “Q” key. All this in survival mode.

CTRL + Q Minecraft shortcut

However, there are other ways that are much faster than this, and you don’t need anything more complicated than simply pressing the “CTRL” key. If we press the “CTRL + Q” key with the aforementioned piles of objects in our hands, we will automatically drop the whole pile, without exception. We will find ourselves empty.

The same applies when you are in inventory. Simply place your mouse cursor over the stack of items you want to delete and then press “CTRL + Q”. The stack will be automatically discarded without having to drag anything else from your inventory.

This can be very useful in PVP games, where you need to quickly get rid of unnecessary items in your inventory that are in large quantities so you can grab the items you really want from the ground or from your chest.

Multiplication of objects

This trick only works in the creative game mode”

Sometimes, whether it’s to decorate a building or just to put stuff in the chest of the houses you’re making, you might need to get huge stacks of the same object to do it.

button 3 minecraft mouse shortcut

Normally, you would have to go into the build menu and manually remove each stack, which is crazy. To complete a stack of apples, for example, it would take a while to remove such a large number of items from the menu. The number of times you have to click is excessive. It is clear that this is not an option.

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For that, there is an option in the game that allows us to copy items. All we have to do is move the mouse cursor to the type of object we want to copy and gradually press the mouse wheel (button 3, according to Minecraft). Automatically, we will have a stack of that object in our possession, which we can drag and drop normally into the chest.

And we could do the same process as many times as we want, until the chest is complete.

Complete removal from the inventory

This trick only works in the creative game mode.

clear invetory minecraft shortcut

It often happens when we build our world creatively that our inventory bar fills up with unnecessary blocks, objects that we won’t use to continue building or that simply take up too much space.

In these cases, we can get rid of them manually, one by one, by dragging the stacks that make them up to the creator menu, where they are removed.

However, there is a much easier way to do this. You can get rid of absolutely every item in your inventory (regardless of type or quantity) by pressing shift + right-click on the cross or “X” that appears at the bottom right of your inventory. Simply place the mouse cursor over it.

Then, automatically, all the items we previously had in our inventory will be deleted, leaving the entire interface empty. This also applies to armour and secondary items that we carry in our left hand. Nothing is saved from the power of ‘X’!

But if, on the other hand, we only want to get rid of a small part of our inventory in general, then we can continue to press shift + right click on the type of item we want to delete (as long as it is on the toolbar). It will then be completely removed.

If, on the other hand, we want to get rid of items, but only individually, then we have to drag the mouse over the item in question (in my case, a stack of biscuits) to the inventory menu in creative and, once on it, press the left mouse button, one or as many times as necessary.

Armored equipment

It happens quite often in multiplayer games, where speed is essential, that we get an armor and we have to put it on quickly, either because someone comes to attack us or because we just want to feel more protected from the start so we can attack.

Normally we could just drag each piece of armor to the place where it needs to be placed by pressing the left click, which is too inefficient because too much time is wasted placing the armor.

There are two ways to place armor more quickly. The first one is to press shift + right click with the mouse cursor on one of the armor pieces (for example, the armor). They will then be automatically placed where they should be.

The second method concerns the toolbar, not the inventory itself. If a piece of armor is placed on the toolbar and we want to place it quickly, we can simply right-click on it and hold it down. The piece will be equipped automatically.

Block copy in the inventory.

This trick only works in the creative game mode.

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It happens quite often that during several building sessions and similar actions, we destroy a block or put another block in the wrong place by mistake. This can be very damaging when we want to build something.

Normally, we would go into our construction inventory and look in each section or with a magnifying glass for the block we need to replace. It’s not a bad method and it doesn’t affect the player much if they prefer to do it this way. But there are others that are much faster than this.

And that is that Minecraft allows us to literally copy blocks that are already placed on the floor. For example, in my case, I need to put back a wooden block that I accidentally broke. I can simply copy it without much more effort!

To perform this action, simply point to the block we want to copy and click the mouse wheel (button 3) on it. Then the block that we have marked with the player’s index finger will automatically be delivered to our inventory.

This way, we can be more flexible when it comes to creating things with game creators.

Oh, but the trick doesn’t stop there. We can also implement it in survival mode, within our own world. No, it won’t allow us to copy all the block types that exist in the game. It just allows us to access all the types of items we have in the warehouse or in the bar.

So, at least we don’t waste time looking for the wooden block in our inventory to continue building our house.

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