Minecraft JAVA vs BEDROCK: What is the DIFFERENCE and which one should you buy?

¿Minecraft Java o Bedrock? What is the Difference? Which one is better?

In this article you will understand the difference between Minecraft JAVA and Minecraft BEDROCK and we will also show you the advantages and disadvantages of both so you can choose for yourself which one you should buy, solving all your doubts about prices, resources, updates, playability, available servers and much more.

difference minecraft java vs bedrock

On which platforms can I play Minecraft?

The platforms on which you can currently play Minecraft are Java and Bedrock.

  • Minecraft Java: Available for all computer versions with Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems.
  • Minecraft Bedrock: Windows 10, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Iphone and Android.

Below we will detail each of the advantages, disadvantages and similarities between Minecraft java and Minecraft Bedrock so you can compare for yourself.

Minecraft Java

minecraft java vs minecraft bedrock

Prices and devices available in Java

The Minecraft Java version is the version that started it all, i.e. where the original Minecraft was born. This version can only be played on computers with Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems.

Minecraft Java is priced at $ 26.95 USD and after purchase you can download it on all computers that you own.

Mods, textures, maps and skins in Java

In Minecraft Java, mods, maps, textures, skins and everything that makes the game more fun and customizable, you can download for free from any website like this one or many others that you can find on google.

The advantage of Minecraft Java is the incredible amount of different mods you can find, all kinds, magic, dragons, etc, only your imagination is the limit. Minecraft Java has more mods and data packs than Bedrock because the Java version is older. Undoubtedly the Java mods are much more complete than Bedrock’s and can change the game as a whole.

Java Game Performance

In Java the game is much heavier but this brings realistic features to this version and a level of customization through shaders and mods really fascinating. If you have a pc with low requirements the game may take some time to load the worlds in Minecraft Java because this version requires a pc with medium requirements with a good ram memory to be able to play it, unlike bedrock that requires less requirements.

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Java game mechanics

Here there are some very important aspects that you have to take into account when deciding for one or another version. First of all you have to take into account the farms and the way to create them when you play in survival mode since you can have chicken wheat farms, mineral farms among many other things in both versions.

In java the farms are very efficient and you can find hundreds of tutorials on youtube on how to make each farm, which is not the case in the Bedrock version where there are less tutorials and the way to create farms is different and more complex.


Redstone is different in Java and Bedrock. In Java it is very optimized, with more functionalities and possibilities of creation, with the capacity to create complex circuits.

Generation of mobs and animals in Java

In Java killing hostile creatures is easier than killing them in the Bedrock version. Moreover, mobs spawning is much more natural, which allows to create many farms with ease.

Account and authentication in java

In minecraft there is what is known as minecraft premium, that is when you buy the game you register with a name and that name is unique in the world of minecraft and no one can use the same name. If you want to use another name you will have to buy another copy of the game.

Servers and Java Friends

To play with friends in Java you only have the option to join famous servers like Hypixel, cubecraft, among others that are paid. You can also create your server for free with Hamachi but the options are more limited.

In java servers are very stable, you have very famous servers and many include minigames in them, with zero lag in their gameplay.

Controls and gameplay in Java

In the Minecraft Java version you use the mouse and keyboard to play, although there is a mod to use a joystick in the game.

Java and bedrock game updates

In this section, there is almost no difference since the updates are usually done at the same time for the Java and Bedrock version. What does vary is that in Java you can choose whether to play a new beta version or play an old version.

In Bedrock you cannot choose to play an older version after you upgrade to the new version of Minecraft, it will not be possible to play an older version of Minecraft.

Minecraft Bedrock

minecraft bedrock or pe

Prices and consoles available in Bedrock

As for the version of Minecraft Bedrock also known as Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition), it can also be played on the computer but only on Windows 10. It is also available on XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch, Android, Iphone, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Gear VR.

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Minecraft Bedrock can be purchased in several stores, if you buy it in the official windows store to download it on your pc, it will cost $ 26.95 USD. However if you buy Minecraft Bedrock in the Playstore or appstore its price will be lower, $ 7.49 USD. On the other hand if you buy it in the store for your XBOX ONE, the price will be $ 19.99 USD. The Nintendo Switch version costs $ 30 USD.

It is important to know that if you have Minecraft Bedrock already purchased on Android or Iphone and you want to play it on an Xbox One or on your Windows 10 computer, you will have to pay again. This means that you will only have the game on the platform you paid Bedrock, and if you change platform you will have to pay again.

Addons, textures, maps and skins in Bedrock

In Minecraft Bedrock there is what is known as Marketplace and the coin system, you can have skins, addons, maps and textures if you buy it in this store but there are also websites where you can buy it for free. Therefore Minecraft Bedrock gives you the two options, acquire textures, maps and skins paying in the marketplace or download it for free.

However, we must clarify that the 3D skins are only available in the marketplace and you must pay for them because you can not get these 3D skins in any other website.

In Bedrock, unlike Java, the mods are called addons and are much simpler and easier than Java mods. Like the addons, the maps in this version also have limitations and are not as interesting as the Java version.

Game Performance in Bedrock

In Bedrock, unlike Java, the game is super optimized and the worlds load much faster than Java, so you do not need a computer with many resources to play Minecraft in this version, since the Bedrock version is even designed to run on mobile devices.

Mechanics of the game in bedrock

In Bedrock, farms are more difficult to make than in Java. Also in Bedrock the farms are less efficient, as they are slower and take longer to create than in the Java version.


The redstone in Bedrock has less possibilities when creating circuits, since it is less optimized and less functional. In addition, bedrock redstone creations are much more difficult to achieve.

Account and authentication in Bedrock

In bedrock there is what is known as xbox account and this has an advantage. This advantage is that even if you buy a game on an android device or iphone you can have Minecraft on other devices with Xbox account with different name and be able to use multiple names. The xbox name is useful for your friends to have you added to their friends list and get them to invite you to their worlds.

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So if you want to play Minecraft Bedrock on a Nintendo Switch, you will have to log in with your Xbox account, the same if you want to play on an iPhone. The advantage is that you don’t need a premium membership and you can have several names.

Servers and Friends on Bedrock

To play with friends in Bedrock you have the advantage of using the Xbox account since you can invite all your friends you have added from Xbox to your worlds and this is totally free. You can be playing on your Iphone and invite your friend who is on his Nintendo Switch and so to any friend who is playing on any platform that is from bedrock.

There are few servers unlike java where there are many players and servers available.

Controls and gameplay in Bedrock

In Minecraft Bedrock version, we have three options to play: touch, keyboard and control, being able to play with any of the three ways.

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