Minecraft Composter: All about this agriculture block

Minecraft Composter

composter food making composter minecraft

The composter is an agricultural block that was added to Minecraft in version 1.14 and whose function is to recycle food, fruits, vegetables from trees and plants.

The recycling of these elements in the composter will allow us to get bone dust, or bone meal, through the composting of organic matter.

The composters can interact with the hoppers, for example, if we place a hopper under a composter, the hopper will collect the bone dust or bone meal from the composter.

How to make (craft) a composter in Minecraft?

crafting compost minecraft
To make a composter in Minecraft we will need seven wooden slabs, of any type or color. If we place these objects on the crafting table, as shown in the image above, we will obtain a composter block.

The composter can be manufactured by players, but it is also generated naturally in the villages, so if you do not want to make it, look for it in the villages.

How does a composter work in Minecraft?

To use the composter we just have to place an item in the character’s hand and right click the mouse inside the hole of the composter.

introduce compost minecraft

In the upper area there is a hole where you can place various types of food and elements from plants and trees, to obtain bone meal.

You can not put the following items in the composter: bamboo, meat and poisonous potatoes.

The seventh layer of compost causes the compost to change its appearance. This indicates that you can now collect the bone dust, or bone meal, that has been generated in the composter.

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