Minecraft but everything you touch turns into DIAMOND- Data Pack

Minecraft what you touch becomes DIAMOND- Data pack

With this data pack everything you touch becomes diamond. This data pack is very useful to quickly achieve the goal of killing the dragon, as is the data pack “Random Blocks Drops“, which has the same purpose.

Minecraft what you touch becomes DIAMOND- Data pack 1.16

It is available for versions 1.16 and higher.

The world will start completely normal but if you press F5, everything you touch will turn into a diamond.
If you touch a tree it will turn into diamond, the ground will turn into diamond, the chests, the ovens, that is, all the blocks will turn into diamonds, absolutely everything. The difficulty will be to build them without touching them.

Minecraft what you touch becomes DIAMOND- Data pack

This can be considered a blessing but this is relative because after you have everything in diamond it will be very difficult to go to the end or go to the nether.

This data pack gives you diamonds very easily, but you have to be careful when extracting other resources such as iron or wood because if you touch them with your hand they will turn into diamonds.


It is recommended that if you want to extract a mineral that you do not want to become a diamond, you do it with a pick without touching it first, because if you touch it with your hand, for example, it will become a diamond immediately.

Another advantage of this data pack, is the path of diamonds that you leave behind so you can find the place where you have lost all your lives, or a special place you want to revisit.

data pack diamond minecraft 1.17

Getting a diamond armor will be very fast so you won’t have to fear the night and the creatures that lurk in it.

Keep in mind that you should get a lot of obsidians before entering the portal, because later in the Nether the portal will break, as it will become a diamond portal and will stop working.

You should also pay attention when building the furnaces, after you build them avoid getting too close and turning them into diamond blocks.

Download Diamond Ore Touch

As a bonus I will leave you the mod, called midas touch, where I touch what you touch will become gold.

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