Minecraft Alpha 1.2.6 NPC TEST (Download)

Alpha 1.2.6 NPC TEST

This version has something interesting: many clones of Steve will be generated. However, these randomly generated clones are peaceful and will not attack you.

Alpha 1.2.6 NPC TEST

These Steve clones will watch you as you move around your world but even if you attack them, they will not attack you.

The only strange thing about this version is that you will hear footsteps as you walk as if someone is following you, however when you turn around you will notice that no one is following you, which is really strange.

download Alpha 1.2.6 NPC TEST

Of course, like all Alpha versions, the hostile mobs that appear at night are really strong and difficult to defeat.

Downoad Alpha 1.2.6 NPC TEST

Download this version of Minecraft by clicking on the download button. To play this version you must do the following: Put it in %appdata% roaming betacraft versions folder, start betacraft and you will be able to play it.

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Download Minecraft 6.6.6

Download Bluebrine or Minecraft Alpha version 1.2.6_02

In version 1.2.6_02 of Minecraft, Minecraft players are told that the creature Bluebrine appears:

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