Is Xbox Java or Bedrock?

Minecraft on PC has traditionally been available for download in two separate editions known as the Java Edition and the Bedrock Edition. However, that will change on June 7, when the two versions will be sold together on PC.

You may be wondering what this means to you. Basically, it’s just a small change. A single purchase will now get you both editions of the game in one package. This also means that you will now only find a vanilla version of Minecraft on Windows. If you already own the Bedrock or Java edition, don’t worry. Mojang notes that all players who have Java Edition or Bedrock Edition will get the edition they don’t currently own for free, right in the Minecraft Launcher. However, it may take up to three days to show up.

Life under Microsoft

Mojang clarifies that Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition are two separate games in one deal. Each version has its pros and cons, and this combination doesn’t change that. It’s simply giving players the opportunity to own both in one more affordable package. Modders will still have the Java Edition to tinker with, while console and mobile cross-play are still only supported in the Bedrock Edition. Both games will be accessible through a single launcher. Ultimately, this may convince Java gamers to give Bedrock a try or vice versa.

Since 2014, both Minecraft and Mojang Studios have worked with Xbox Game Studios. Microsoft and Mojang have expanded the Minecraft brand by creating spin-offs such as Story Mode, Dungeons and Earth. Meanwhile, Mojang has been working on other non-Minecraft projects such as Caller’s Bane, a trading card game, and Crown and Council, a turn-based strategy game.

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Minecraft Java – What’s included?

If you’re looking to tinker with mods, you’ll immediately want to hover over to the Java edition of Minecraft. You’ll be able to customize every part of this title, from resource packs to the skins you find online and much more. When you’re done, you may not even recognize the game you’re playing anymore. You can help gaming run better on a low-end PC or push your gaming PC to its limits with ray tracing, better water, and more.

However, if you’re looking to get into some multiplayer hi-jinks, you’ll only be able to play with other PC players using Java, since the multiplayer aspect isn’t compatible between Minecraft types. This means that if you have a friend who is playing on Xbox, PlayStation, Mobile or Nintendo Switch, you will not be able to play with them. This could be a deal breaker, and as long as you don’t mind spending a few dollars, you’ll be able to customize your game with in-app purchases.

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