Is warden immune to lava?

These deep opponents have two types of attacks: melee and ranged. Both are very dangerous, but for different reasons. If you plan to fight a Warden, make sure you prepare for their mighty onslaught.

If you’re in melee range, a Warden will try to hit you with his huge fists. The amount of damage depends on the difficulty you are playing on.

Tips for finding the guardian

There are a few tips that players can follow to find the guardian in Minecraft. Here are some of them:

1. The Nether Fortress is the best place to start looking for the Guardian. This is where it is most commonly found.

Where to find Ancient Cities in Minecraft

In general, you’ll need to dig deep enough to find the Deep Dark in order to find Ancient Cities. Both the biome and the ancient city are quite rare, so if you are not ready to root underground you can use the seed 3018068664000894136 and travel to 494, -47, -581. If you’re a purist and would like to do this without a specific seed, dig between -30 and -55 and take note that Deep Dark tends to spawn in biomes with low erosion value, such as a mountain peak or plateau.

The Warden is a blind mob, and if he plays well you can use that to your advantage. While looting an ancient city, you will come across a block called a sculk shrieker. After activating these four times, The Warden will materialize, crawling out of the ground around you.

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Recommended equipment

With how strong a Warden’s single strike is and how much health he has, the recommended equipment will be the best you can find. The strongest armor and enchanted weapons that hit the hardest.

Netherite armor and enchantment swords will be an absolute must. The higher the Enchantment level, the better.



  • Voted to be included in the update during Minecraft Live 2021.
  • Can find blocks or dropped items for a player , collecting the same items from the world he holds.
    • Picks up dropped items in charged pieces and can carry up to one stack at a time, and cannot duplicate items or pull items from chests. Drops collected items when within range of a notebook.
    • Allay picks up an object within 32 blocks of the player.
  • If you hold an item received from a player, it follows that player.
    • Can be made to hold an object by interacting with the allay.
    • The object can also be removed by interacting with the empty hand allay.
  • Able to drop items in neighboring noteblocks and stay close to a noteblock that has been played close to them.
  • When they play a block of notes near them, that block of notes becomes their favorite for 30 seconds, and they try to drop items to the block of notes rather than the player.
    • The connection with note blocks is displayed by the vibration particle.
    • The connection with notepads can be blocked by lana, by placing the wool between the allay and the notepad.
  • If they have items in their inventory, they try to give them to their owner.
  • Sometimes they spawn in cages next to looters’ outposts (similar to iron golems) and inside dwellings in the woods.
  • Has a delay for picking new items after the items are delivered (3 seconds).
  • Immune to damage from its owner while holding an item.
  • Have 20 ( × 10) health points and natural health regeneration of 2 () per second.
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