Is there Warden spawn egg?

After players have found one of these deep and dark biomes, they should look for a block known as a sculk shrieker. The building block has a very distinctive look, consisting of four white nodes extending in different directions and an animated component in the center.

Summon Warden in Creative Mode

In Creative Mode, after the Minecraft 1.19 update, you should be able to spawn a Warden using these commands in the chat window:

  • Bedrock Edition: “/summon warden”
  • Java Edition: “/summon Minecraft:warden”

How can you find a Warden?

Technically not. The Guardian finds you. In the Deep Dark, there is a special type of natural block called the Sculk Shrieker. If you step on a Sculk Shrieker or one of its adjacent Sculk sensors, it will sound a warning yell. If you set off the same Sculk Shrieker three times, the Warden will appear, burrowing and out of the ground, instantly hostile towards you.

Guardians will only spawn in proximity to a Sculk Shrieker if the local light level is 11 or lower. Also, the Warden will not spawn if there is another Warden within 48 blocks. Finally, only naturally occurring Sculk Shriekers can summon Guardians. If you pull a Sculk Shrieker out of the ground and place it anywhere else, even within the Underdark, its warnings will no longer summon Wardens.

Where to find the Guardian?

In The Wild (Minecraft 1.19), players can find The Warden in the deep underground/cavern areas of the Deep Dark biome. Since the area will be dark, he can find you out of nowhere and you need to be quite vigilant. When he’s nearby, the light sources around him will flash to let you know he’s there.

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The Warden Mob is a blind mob (the first of his kind) and will use sculk-like sensors to “feel” the player’s vibrations. So, you will need new techniques and strategies to fight this enemy which is quite powerful. Mostly though, you shouldn’t be fighting it, it’s just there to scare the shit out of you. That’s because he’s so OP, that he can kill you even if you’re wearing netherite armor. Anything less, and you’ll die in a seizure. But if you decide to attack it, it will know you are there and will latch on to you and won’t leave even if you try to make other sounds. He also gets faster at this point. And finally, the more you attack, the more powerful it becomes.

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