Is there anything inappropriate in Minecraft?

YouTube Kids. There is still a HUGE problem.

By Dr. Free N. Hess

What is Minecraft?

First released in 2011, Minecraft is a sandbox-style game that has no specific goals for players to achieve, allowing them the freedom to explore and create in the virtual world. The game consists of cubes representing different materials, such as earth, stone, water and lava, which players can break down and rebuild into anything they imagine. Players can also interact with mobs (animated creatures) which can be friendly or hostile.

Over the past decade, Minecraft has become one of the most popular games in the world, both among children and adults. The game is available on multiple platforms, including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Xbox and Playstation.

What is the right age to play Minecraft for kids?

Until a child reaches the legal age, all decisions concerning him are made by the parents. With this article, we’re only going to help new-age parents make an informed choice for their children. So in regards to whether or not Minecraft is safe for your kids, it is safe, when used correctly and responsibly.

Minecraft can offer your children a creative platform where they can not only learn a new hobby but also develop their educational, life and social skills. Minecraft is generally recommended for children over the age of 7 as it is not a very violent game and is easy to understand. Additionally, the game blocks certain features, such as in-app purchases, for children under 13. As a parent, you can also control settings to make it more child-friendly, such as the voice of monsters or the number of monsters that appear in the game.

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Minecraft improves teamwork and social skills

By playing Minecraft in multiplayer mode, it can increase players’ confidence, allowing them to play a game, give instructions, make decisions and support themselves each other. Players must cooperate and work together rather than against each other to win the game. They can socialize with many known and even unknown players, who somehow support them by interacting with them. This can grow your child’s social circle and equip them with social skills like forming relationships, communicating effectively, and networking. Your child will learn how to behave online, which is also part of digital literacy in school.

While playing Minecraft online with friends, kids can learn to play with others, showing them which keys should be used, how they can create a world or build something in it, etc. in addition, the game also promotes problem solving and programming skills, as well as creativity and concentration. Children and their friends can choose different worlds or mods and create their very own online adventure on the Minecraft server.

Why do kids love these videos?

Children enjoy watching Let’s Play videos for a variety of reasons:

  • 1. Skills enhancement. Many kids just want to get better at a game and learn new strategies from an “expert.” They could use a video as a guide to help them get through a difficult section of the game. Kids spend a great deal of cognitive energy thinking about their gameplay and want to learn how to do things on their own, just like they might watch videos of people dancing, skateboarding, or doing bike stunts so they can learn how to do those same moves and stunts. Developing a competency and improving a skill set is common and constitutes a desire for personal growth.
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