Is there a secret room in mansion Minecraft?

The Woodland Mansion is a rare structure that can appear in the Dark Forest biome. If you’re lucky enough to find one on your travels, you can fill them up with plenty of chests to loot. However, you may be missing out on some of the more valuable items in these Woodland Mansions. This is where to find the secret rooms in Minecraft Woodland Mansions.

In a Minecraft Woodland mansion, there is a chance for secret rooms to appear on each of the different floors. These secret rooms will not have any entrances and can often be quite difficult to find. Secret rooms can appear as any of the following types:

How to make a secret door in Minecraft with item frames

The most secret type of door in Minecraft is an item frame door . Allows you to activate the door mechanism by grabbing an object placed in a frame hanging on a wall. Building it requires some skill and understanding of how Redstone works. If you consider yourself a hobbyist in the game, follow the instructions below to create an item frame door:

  1. Find a wall in your house or build one. Make sure there is clearance behind the wall for your Redstone build.
  2. Hang an item frame on the wall and place an item of your choice inside.
  3. Drill a hole in the wall where you want the door to be.
  4. On the opposite side of the wall, place a sticky piston two blocks from the hole. The sticky part should face the wall.
  5. Add a block of the same material as your wall to the sticky part of the Sticky Piston.
  6. Create a path of Redstone from the Sticky Piston block to the opposite side of your Item Frame block. Leave a one block empty space between the Item Frame block and the Redstone line.
  7. Place a redstone comparator on the missing spot. The arrow on the Redstone comparator should face the wall.
  8. Place a Redstone Repeater about halfway down your Redstone path.
  9. Grab the object from the frame to activate the mechanism.
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Golden Apples (image via. DeviantArt)

Woodland Mansions has Chest and some hidden chests that can contain some amazing items for players. Here are some of the best items players can find:

Mansion Mobs

As mentioned above, the mansion is home to many aggressive residents. Most of the enemies inside are evil variations of the villagers, similar to raiders. In that sense, they are intelligent humanoids who live in seclusion.

The two main mobs inside a Forest Mansion are Evokers and Vindicators.

What exactly are Woodland mansions?

As we said before, forest mansions in Minecraft are one of the rarest things but they occur abundantly mainly in dark forest biomes and this biome is rare to find. This forest mansion is brown in color because it is made mostly of dark oak planks and contains good loot.

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