Is there a Lost City underwater?

An international team of experts has explored the 2,000-year-old sunken Mayan city of Atitlan and declared it a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History (Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia; INAH) said in a statement obtained by Zenger News that the city dates back to the “Late Preclassic Period (400 BC-250 AD) ”.


Tale of God’s love

Legend has it that the city of Atlantis was built by Poseidon, the god of the sea, storms and earthquakes, when he fell in love with a woman mortal, Cleitos. He built this city on top of a hill, on an island lost in the sea, to protect it and called it Atlantis.

According to the story, Poseidon traversed the world to find the largest island until he did not reach the greatest of all, Atlantis and found it inhabited by people who were more beautiful and intelligent than the rest of the world. There he met and fell in love with a woman named Cleito.

Port Royal, Jamaica

The famous city of “Pirates d and the Caribbean,” where Jack Sparrow wreaked havoc, wasn’t entirely fictional. During the 17th century, Port Royal became one of the most important cities in the Caribbean, a center of trade and commerce. Unfortunately, it has also gained a reputation for immorality and piracy.

A painting of Port Royal. Painting: James Hakewill (1875)

Doggerland, North Sea

In ancient times, Doggerland was home to Mesolithic tribes in the North Sea. Now a mere speck, they were once a continuous land mass that united England with Europe some 20,000 years ago. Historians call Doggerland the Garden of Eden of the north where life (both human and animal) was in full swing, until sea levels began to rise and engulfed large chunks of the land masses. Before the flood, Doggerland was largely occupied by fishermen and hunters.

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An ancient Roman city that was something like the vacation homes of the rich and fabulous. Sitting on a series of volcanic vents, the city had a number of hot springs and this constant source of water was partly responsible for the popularity of the place. As the water began to rise, Baia’s fate became all but inevitable. Its visitors have found new cities on which to display their gold. There are a large number of ruined monuments including the villa of the Pisoni that the emperor Nero had seized in the 1st century BC. to a family who had plotted to kill him.

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