Is there a green axolotl in Minecraft?

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There are 4 common Axolotl color variations, which make up 99.2% of the spawn rate chance. Each color has about a 24.9% chance of spawning.

  • Leucistic – Leucistic Axolotls appear with a light pink body and a darker pink border.
  • Wild – Wild Axolotls appear with a brown body and darker brown border.
  • Cyan – Cyan Axolotls appear with a light blue body and pink trim.
  • Gold – Gold Axolotls appear with a bright yellow body and dark gold trim.

How to get this name?

Leucistic axolotls got their name through a process of mutation (leucism). In this process, wild type morphs contain a pigment in their skin. The excessive production of that pigment (Melanocyte) led to the creation of this color in Minecraft axolotls. Hence, these axolotls got the name of leucistic (pink) axolotl.

Initially, there were only light brown axolotls in Minecraft. Tan axolotls were not uncommon. With time and updates, wild (brown) axolotls originated in the Minecraft play arena. Let’s learn about these axolotls in Minecraft.

How rare is a gold axolotl in Minecraft?

Rare. Because it only has a 0.8% spawn rate, a rare color variation of Axolotl can be incredibly hard to find. It may take some time to find one in the wild, but if you raise them, the process may be quicker.

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There is a species of salamander known as the Lucy Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum), which is particularly unusual as it spends its entire life in the “larval” stage. It is never adapted to living on land and instead remains an aquatic creature with external gills for its entire life.


  • Leucistic (old version): The old version of the Leucistic Axolotl was yellowish pink. Their replacement in the game is of a common level.
  • Wild (old version): The old version of the Wild Axolotl was a brownish orange. Their replacement in the game is of a common level.
  • Green: Green Axolotls are lime green with green details. They were shown in the Axolotl announcement, but are not currently in the game. Whether they will be added later remains to be seen, but it may have been replaced by the rare blue axolotl.

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