Is there a better axe The Forest?

When you first start in the Forest, you are surrounded by trees. The first thing to do is create a house; when you do almost anything, you need logs. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The plain ax is the basic ax you start with.
  • You want to get the modern ax as soon as possible.
  • Logs are very important during creation.
  • Get 4-5 logs per tree.
  • You can place treehouses/platforms only on certain trees.

Modern Bow

Finally, we have the Modern Bow, which is the best of all the bows available in the forest. Shoot arrows as ammo, with different types of arrows available such as Bone Arrows, Fire Arrows, Poison Arrows, and Normal Arrows. Compared with the handmade bow, the modern bow has a longer range, higher damage, faster arrow speed and higher accuracy. A bow is always worth using as you can keep some distance between you and your enemies and it also helps with sneak attacks.

The Airplane Axe

Here’s where to find the Airplane Axe: You can find the Airplane Axe right at the beginning of the game after the ‘plane crash. You can pull it out of a flight attendant’s chest in the wreckage of the car.

Crafted Bow

Used to shoot arrows, great for hunting. You can find sticks on the forest floor and from the felling of small trees, the cloth can be found in suitcases and the rope can be found in villages, caves and boats. Or you can make a rope with seven fabrics.

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For crafting you need:

Plane Ax 

Plane Ax is the very first weapon you will find in the Forest. It is found on the plane with which you crash into the forest. It’s extremely useful for cutting down trees that you can use to make things like shelters. You can also use it to kill some of the enemies you’ll find in The Forest, but due to its short range, you’ll need to be quick with your shots.

This will be your daily bread for survival. You’ll be able to fend off enemies with it, and you can even wrap it in cloth to light it up and use it as a torch or a flaming weapon. As you progress through the game, you’ll find better versions of the ax that you can use more efficiently.

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