Is there 1 ancient debris in every chunk?


Chunk Border mining is the fastest non-explosive method to get Ancient Debris and Netherite in Minecraft 1.19.

This involves using the Chunk Borders debug command to see the block positions.

Easier ways to find ancient debris

It is an easy method to extract ancient debris quickly. Players can combine the Bed method and the TNT method to make it more efficient. In this, the player does not need to mine much. Players must use a lot of beds to cover themselves from the explosion damage. It might be a good idea to carry Totems of Undying, explosion proof armor, and fire resistance potions for your own protection.

How to Obtain Ancient Remnants, Netherite Remnants

In order to get some of those delicious Netherite Ingots, you’ll first need to acquire Netherite Remnants, and then Ancient Debris Ore. There are a couple of ways to find/acquire each of these, but they all start with The Nether.

What to bring when searching for ancient debris

Before mining ancient debris in the Nether, you’ll need to prepare for your expedition to the Nether. Of course, mining Ancient Debris is not easy, nor can it be done quickly. You’ll need the right set of tools and equipment when searching for and mining Ancient Debris, mainly because you can only do it in the Nether, a dangerous and hostile dimension in Minecraft.

        • You can’t mine ancient debris without a diamond pickaxe. This is the most important tool that you need to bring with you to start mining this extremely rare resource. You can also use a netherite pickaxe, a higher and stronger version of the pickaxe. Using a lower type pickaxe when mining ancient debris will destroy the block and drop nothing.
        • Wear a full set of iron or diamond armor. The Nether is home to many hostile mobs, so being well equipped is the best option if you want to survive by searching for this rare resource.
        • Take at least one weapon with you. You usually need to bring an iron or diamond sword, as well as a bow and some arrows. Bringing a good weapon will increase your chances of survival.
        • Bring food for healing and hunger. You’re likely to run into some hostile mobs in the Nether, so it’s best to come prepared. You may bring cooked chicken, steak, cooked pork chop, or any other food as long as it is edible.
        • Don’t forget to bring extra picks in case your current diamond pick breaks before you can find ancient remains.
        • Always carry torches with you. Torches will help light your way as you dig deeper. The Nether is relatively dark, so having something to light your way will help you navigate better, especially when mining. You can also bring many night vision potions as an alternative, but torches are much easier to craft.
        • Always carry a work table. You never know when you may need to create something down the road. It is always best to be prepared when going on a mining adventure, especially when you are in the Nether.
        • Bring a set of extra blocks. You can choose to bring a set of 64 pavers or bottom shelf when digging up old remains. Since it generates a relatively deep subsoil, you may find lava along the way. It is best to bring extra blocks to easily cover lava fountains or lava pools.
        • Bring explosives to easily extract ancient debris. Ancient Rubble is an extremely rare mineral that can only be found deep underground. You may run out of pickaxes and still not find a single Ancient Rubble, so it may be easier to use TNT or beds to mine it, since it’s immune to explosions.
        • Take at least one Flint and Steel with you. You can use the flint and steel to open the nether portal and trigger the TNT explosion.
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If you want to mine ancient debris, be sure to bring a diamond or nether pickaxe. You can’t mine it with anything less than Diamond.

Ancient Debris attempts to spawn one to four drops (veins) between Y 8 and Y 22 on each shard. A second blob of zero to two Ancient Debris tries to spawn from levels Y 8 to Y119.

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