Is the rusty AXE good?

Here’s a little teaser to show how our progress is going! Everything is progressing at a steady pace and before you know it, we’ll be open.

Boardless Empire

Mentioning physical cards, there is a “Print your own” version that might work better. Not only because playing the flash version online seems like nothing more than a distraction, but also because having another player to compete with for properties would add a lot to the game. There are also extra cards to draw and play that I haven’t been able to try in Score Rush. These would likely add some much-needed surprises and variety since Score Rush didn’t offer much in that regard. Otherwise, it seems like there would be no other player interactions.

There’s not much else to do, at least for Score Rush. Real Estate Empire – DECK was easy to figure out and I did my first game pretty well with no tutorials or documentation. Aside from the community colors being too similar, it’s intuitive and easy to pick up and play without having to flip through a rulebook. But precisely this simplicity is also its Achilles heel. The online Score Rush I played is a quick distraction, but offers nothing to really grip you with in the long run. I gave it a 2/5 rating, but keep in mind that there is a multiplayer physical card version that may have more to keep players engaged. With all that in mind, what’s on offer here, for those who might be interested, is simplified and faster boardless Monopoly.


After using your ax, you must clean and store it properly to avoid problems. First, cleanse your head of any sap or tannins, using steel wool and acetone on your head. Clean the handle of dirt and sap. If it’s not too dirty, you can use extra fine steel wool and turpentine. If the handle is really dirty or has been exposed to the elements, hand sand the handle until smooth. Then oil the handle with boiled linseed oil (BLO). Now it’s time to oil the ax head. Not only does the oil help protect the metal, but an oiled ax will cut deeper and faster, saving you time and effort when chopping wood. There are many oils out there. I generally use a light weight oil like Rem Oil for my head but sometimes I just use BLO on my head and handle together. If your sheath looks dry, give it a good coat of leather oil inside and out. I like mink oil or Obenauf’s HD Leather Preservative. Once the ax has been cleaned, thoroughly dried and sheathed, the ax is ready to be stored. If you haven’t followed these steps and your ax has some rust, you can use white vinegar and steel wool to remove the rust. If the entire ax head is rusty, it probably needs to be dipped in white vinegar. If so, we recommend that you remove the handle before submerging it or you risk damaging it.

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A dull or splintered ax is both ineffective and dangerous. Using a dull ax takes more force because instead of cutting, you’re pressing through the wood. Dull and damaged ax blades tend to gag or bounce, making the ax harder to control.

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