Is the Hydro Archon a woman?

As Genshin Impact fans eagerly await the debut of the yet-unnamed 3.4 version of the game, a surprising leak has been released, revealing the first details regarding Fontaine’s former and current Hydro Archons, who , in a similar way to the Raiden Shogun, will bear a strong resemblance to two characters featured in HoYoverse’s Honkai Impact 3rd, in this case Seele and Durandal respectively.

According to the new leak’s translation, courtesy of user vivliz on the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit, the former Hydro Archon will look a lot like Seele, also have white hair and a cunning personality. The current Archon Focalors, also known as the God of Justice, however, will be, like Durandal, a tall woman with golden hair and a strong sense of duty. If the leaks are indeed true, they could also add strength to some Cryo Archon rumors, which claim that she too will look a lot like a Honkai character, in this case Bronya.


Is Zhongli an agent?

yes! their English goes confirmed that archons are genderless! so both zhongli and twenty are agender! What is the original form of Zonghli?

Genshin Impact Codes (January

This information describes the previous Archon as a teenager. He possesses a mischievous and cunning personality. He has blond, almost white hair, and his design includes dark blue shades Not only that, but she also resembles a Seele, while the current Archon is a solemn adult woman in Valkyrie-like armor with blonde hair and different shades of blue.Reminiscent of the character Duran from Honkai Impact 3rd.As always, She is It’s important to take these rumors regarding Fontaine’s possible Archon in Genshin Impact with a grain of salt – we’ve already seen Hoyoverse make last-minute changes to designs and ideas, so until it’s official, let’s not get too excited. Sumeru still has much to offer and the Lantern Rite Festival is upon us. Many reruns of 3.4 have already leaked and we hope they are all true.

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Possible release version

All the doggy playable Archons just revealed before Fontaine (Image via HoYoverse)

When it comes to the release date of this character, it is advisable to first look at the past releases of Genshin Impact associated with the old playable Archons. In this case:

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