Is the Herobrine seed real?

Short und knapp, das ist der benötigte Seed, in dem der sagenumwobene Herobrine erstmal “gesichtet” wurde:

  • Seed: 478868574082066804
  • Version: Java Alpha 1.0.16 ( 16_02) tixagb_14)
  • Alpha coordinates: X=5.06 Y=71 (72.62 eye pos) Z=-298.54
  • Modern coordinates: X=5.16 Y=71 Z=-298.53
  • Camera Angle : RX=93.75 RY=-1.2

Tutorial – How to load Herobrine seed in Minecraft Alpha

Make sure you are using Minecraft Java Edition, with “Version History” enabled in the launcher and choose version a1.0.16. This version doesn’t support seed input, so you’ll need to use the backup file edition or just use this pre-prepared world file.

Alpha version 1.2.3_03 of Minecraft is one of the versions where Herobrine made his first appearances, there is a lot of speculation as to how Herbronie came about, whether it came from a file or was developed on purpose, but the truth is that since Alpha 1.2.6_01 and Alpha version 1.2.6_02, there are already stories of his appearance.

This will spawn a new world version of herobrine and you will be at the exact coordinates. Make sure you’re using the correct version of Minecraft or it won’t work.

Tutoriel – Comment load Herobrine texture in Minecraft Alpha

Make sure you are using Minecraft Java Edition, with “Version History” active in the launcher, and choose version a1.0.16 . This version does not take charge of the saisie des seeds, so you have to use the save file edition or just use this ready-made file.

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Ceci has generated a new version of the world of Herobrine and vous vous trouverez aux exact coordinates. Make sure you’re using the good version of Minecraft or it won’t work.


  • Notch’s dead brother Herobrine is somehow ingrained in Minecraft. While this is “canon,” it’s actually also completely incorrect, as Notch doesn’t have a brother.
  • Although the creator of Herobrine is unknown, it is NOT a Minecraft character. Herobrine does not exist in Minecraft.
  • Because Herobrine was such a famous myth surrounding Minecraft, the game makers included the word “Herobrine Removed” in key game updates to promote the legend for fans.
  • There is no reference to him in the source code, and there is no code that allows any creature to act as Herobrine. There is no level terrain code to build 22 tunnels or intricate dungeons full of traps.
  • Herobrine cannot be found in any unmodified client or server. All claims that he is in Minecraft are false. If he looked like someone else, it was because his skin had changed or someone else was wearing it.
  • All Herobrine signs, such as leafless trees, strange glowstone towers, strange words on signs, and so on, are buggy, either organically formatted or set by another player to deceive.
  • The Minecraft wiki and forums are not involved in any Herobrine scams. Any deletion of Herobrine related comments or stories are due solely to the fact that Herobrine does not exist and the stories are fictitious, intended to mislead others, or the result of players playing modifications made to their game (possibly to their unaware).
  • However, the fact that people claim to see Herobrine in Minecraft despite the fact that there is no code in the files suggests that he is a trapped spirit within the game rather than a figure written in code. However, these are all fake.
  • Herobrine has appeared in a plethora of Minecraft media, including several fake sighting videos, music videos, other forms of video, edits, novels, and even full-fledged books. He is typically shown as a strong ultimate evil who occasionally controls or inhabits mobs and kills or traps players. However, movies like Monster School and Entity 303 Creepypasta present him in a less sinister light, even making him a tragic hero at times.
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Actually, Herobrine is not a virus, but the mythology of him is spread as such. Several posts about him have been made on the Minecraft forums, with some saying players have seen him and others saying he was definitely a fake.

What’s the problem?

Co ovšem existuje, je svět, ze kterého původní fotka pochází. In this case, none of these projects should have any ideal born content — seed světa zúvodního menu Minecraftu byl nalezen včervenci (juli) minulého roku ajenom opár měsíců později se podařilo pack získat seed. Hráči takměli shledáním již spoustu zkušeností, které využili právě natento projekt. The technique of a pole of urcení is known for podle pozice mraků o květin všaknefungovaly, protože naobrázku se anijedna ztěchto due věcí nevyskytují. Tým takmusel stejně vymyslet něco nového arozhodující nakonec byly stromy.

Seed samotný byl pak objeven 16.ledna (januára) uživatelem andrew_555, také známým jako Kminster. Pode jeho příspěvku naRedditu tozabralo zhruba 50 hodin psaní kódu adalších několik měsíců debuggování, dokud si neuvědomili, ževpředělání obrázku špatně umístili jeden blok listí. No, hlavní je, žese tonakonec povedlo.

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