Is Steve Alex’s boyfriend?

Steve Carell will be a busy man once production wraps on the seventh season of the NBC series “The Office.” He was recently announced for a role in The Abstinence Teacher with Sandra Bullock and the DreamWorks comedy Raised by Wolfs and now has another project lined up. Variety reports that Warner Bros. is developing A Boyfriend for My Wife, a 2008 rom-com remake from Argentina, and Carell is lined up to direct the film. The story follows a shy husband who believes the only way to escape marriage is to make his wife fall in love with another man, so he enlists the help of a legendary Cassanova.

Sadly, writers Mark Gibson and Phil Halprin (Snow Dogs, The In Crowd) don’t inspire much hope for this one. Apparently the original film, directed by Juan Taratuto, was one of Argentina’s biggest films in 2008. I look forward to seeing Carell take on more film roles once he wraps up his seven-year run on ‘The Office’, but yes he hopes his comedy game will step up. He’s been relatively funny in movies like Get Smart and Dinner for Schmucks, but I’d like to see a little less humor and a little more humor. As far as drama goes, something along the lines of Dan in Real Life (but without an insufferable Dane Cook) would be nice. What do you think?

Other You, Me & My Ex cast members share unique stories

The new TLC series will also welcome the trio Jerry, Jerry’s ex-wife Jessica, and his new partner , Kayee Lovey. Jerry and Jessica live together with their four children. But they are welcoming another roommate, Kayee Lovey. Jessica feels like her ex-husband dates all the wrong women. When Jerry’s ex and current partner meet, things get awkward. Will Jessica think Jerry’s new girlfriend is the right woman for him, or will Kayee Lovey abandon the love triangle?

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However, Jerry, Jessica and Kayee Lovey aren’t the only ones joining Caroline, Alex and Steve to share stories of their unique partnership on You, Me & My Ex. Three other groups will tell viewers about the their complicated lifestyles. It can’t be easy living with former and current partners. But these families seem to be trying to make it work. Watch all the drama go down as the new season begins airing this Sunday night on TLC.

Relationship timeline you, me and my ex by Alex and Caroline

Credit: Alex Hines Instagram

Viewers were blown away by the dynamics behind some of the relationships on You, Me and My Ex. Alex and Caroline’s seems to be the most incredible. They had been good friends for years before he made his move. He’d also been with a man before, so Caroline never thought anything would happen. Alex has been dating Steve, who is described as an “ex” in the series over the phone. She was the first person Alex ever said “I love you” to.

Who are Caroline and Alex?

Caroline and Alex are a couple who met for the first time at work.

While Caroline is a mother cat to Katarina Grande, Alex is the father of two daughters. One of them is in their pre-teens.

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