Is Silk Touch good on an axe?

It’s hard to consider The Curse of Vanishing a spell. If anything, it’s more of a nuisance. But if a book containing it is used on an anvil, it can be applied to any tool or equipment. While it wouldn’t be necessary, the player is free to choose to do so if he so chooses for any reason.

Pickaxes benefit greatly from the luck spell. Increases the player’s ability to extract more value from a block of ore. This spell, however, is useless on an axe. Unfortunately, luck doesn’t work the same way with wood.

 Curse of Vanishing

To be honest, Curse of Vanishing isn’t exactly a good spell. Players often describe it as more of a nuisance, however, it can be put on any tool or implement if a book containing it is used on an anvil. The only use it really has is in multiplayer as if you die you don’t want enemy players to be able to steal your axe.

Luck is an insanely useful enchantment for the pickaxe, but it’s not great for a regular axe. This is because it will only grant you more saplings, seeds and sometimes apples when you cut down trees. Does not grant extra wood. However, it’s still a pretty useful spell to have.

Does luck on a shovel do anything?

The shovel can break down gravel blocks quickly. Luck will increase your chances of getting more flint from gravel. The higher the Luck level, the higher the chances of getting the flint. Fortune III will give you a 100% chance of getting the flint.

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However, pulling clay from clay blocks with a shovel enchanted with Luck does not increase the number of clay drops.

On an AX is Silk Touch or Fortune better?

The Silk Touch spell is one of the best spells in Minecraft. It allows players to mine squares without changing them to another shape, which makes it perfect for survival mode when you want to build things. However, if you use it on an ax then it’s a waste because axes can’t cut leaves and silk touch doesn’t work with blocks like mushroom shelves or cobwebs – only normal wood trees are affected by this spell!

Cultivation and Seeds

Additionally, Wheat and Beet seed drops increased and the average drop rate increased to 3.42 seeds with Fortuna III versus 1.71 without spell Luck.

Similarly, Melon Blocks, which drop approximately 3-7 Melon Slices, can be harvested with a Fortune III Ax to maximize the number of Melon Slices that can be obtained from a single block of melon which is 9 slices. However, the chance of getting all 9 slices from a single melon block is only 2%.

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