Is obsidian immune to lava?

To get the lava charm in Terraria, you will need to search all chests, preferably gold chests, in the dungeon level and below. You see, the problem with the Lava Charm is that it’s an extremely rare spawn. Also, there is no set place where you could find it. You just have to keep looking and hope for the best. It seems your odds increase slightly in any underground cave or dungeon deep enough to hold lava, but that’s not a guarantee.

If you’re wondering how rare the charm of lava is, I’ll tell you. Sit down if you are standing. According to the Terraria Wiki, the Lava Charm drop rate is approximately 2.5%. Those are some pretty brutal odds. The best we can tell you is to enter a cave that contains lava and start digging. You could use glow sticks and especially the Spelunker potion to help you find chests more easily.

How to get lava

You can get lava using the empty bucket which you can create by placing 3 iron ingots in the same order indicated on the crafting table.

Unbreakable blocks for the Wither

The following blocks cannot be broken by the Wither, no matter what:

Barriers are command oriented blocks which are used to create an impenetrable border. You can use them to create a safe zone for yourself and your fellow players. The block itself is invisible and lets light through.

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What does the obsidian skin potion do?

The obsidian skin potion completely negates the Burning debuff and makes the user immune to lava. Once consumed, the immunity boost lasts for a total of 6 minutes.

With this potion, you can mine Hellstone and Meteorite without getting burned. It also makes exploring lava caves and the entire underworld much easier and simpler.

Possible problems

It is possible that you cannot find a lava talisman. If this is the case, you can create a new map and dig for one in the lower parts of the Cave. Having a lava charm or creating lava stilts is useful, especially if you later want to create a lava moat around your cities to deal with raids.

Dumping water over lava creates Obsidian. Mine obsidian blocks and bring them to the surface to craft some fire block immunity items.

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