Is Obsidian harder than a diamond?

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Obsidian vs Diamond In Minecraft

In this article, we will discuss the different features of Obsidian and Diamond and how they can help you improve your gameplay.

It has a dark purple hue and is one of the hardest blocks in the world of Minecraft. To mine obsidian, you need either a diamond pickaxe or a netherite pickaxe. Otherwise, you’ll just waste your time digging with any other pickaxe. Usually, people use the diamond pickaxe as in the early part of the game it can be nearly impossible to find any netherite.

What is the softest mineral on Earth?

Have you ever wondered what is the softest mineral on Earth? Many mineral specimens are quite soft to the touch, but there is one type of mineral that is much firmer than you might think. That type of mineral is quartz, and that’s the type of mineral that people are really paying attention to right now. Quartz is what many people believe to be the softest mineral on the planet because it is extremely durable and is able to withstand the harshest of attacks. So what is the softest mineral on Earth then?

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Some say that quartz is the softest mineral on Earth because it is so abundant in our planet’s crust. When minerals begin to flow out naturally or release their energy through pressure and heat, the quartz is the one that is pushed out rather than the other minerals that were present at the time. Other minerals found within the earth’s crust include iron, which is much less soft than quartz, and manganese. The difference between these two minerals is only a factor of tens of thousands of tiny elements, but that’s enough for scientists to believe there’s something soft at the bottom of the planet. If you want to find out which is the softest mineral on Earth, you will have to look for quartz and manganese samples and take them to a laboratory for analysis.

Why is obsidian so good?

Its smooth glassy texture makes it popular as a raw material used to make jewelry. From reflective beads to interesting gemstones obsidian makes for beautiful jewellery. Unfortunately it is not very hard which makes it easy to scratch and break. Perhaps the most popular modern use of obsidian is still as a cutting tool.

Other people can answer in more detail but: obsidian is better – once. It really may be the sharpest edge we’ve ever discovered because it’s so much on the “harder, sharper, brittle” side of the continuum between breaking and blunting where steel balances so well.

Perform the Mohs hardness test

The Mohs hardness test is easy to perform. Examples of items with known hardness values ​​are needed. Practice materials include:

  • your nails (2.5)
  • a copper coin or piece of chalk (3.5)
  • a pocket knife or a piece of glass (4.5-5.5)
  • an unglazed quartz or porcelain point (7.0)
  • a hardened point (8.5)
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