Is name tag rare in Minecraft?

No, you can’t create a name tag in Minecraft. This is one of those items that you can only find, like a saddle. The only naturally generated structures where you can find a nameplate are dungeons, mine shafts, and woodland mansions. However, in the Bedrock Edition of the game, you can also potentially find a name tag in Buried Treasure.

  • Underground chest – 28.3% to find 1 name tag
  • Mine shaft chest – 42.3% to find 1 name tag
  • Woodland Mansion Chest – 27.9% to find 1 Name Tag (Java Edition) or 28.3% to find 1 Name Tag (Bedrock Edition)
  • Buried Treasure – 34.3% chance of find 1 name tag (Bedrock Edition)

How to find name tags in Minecraft

Name tags are one of the few items in Minecraft that you can’t craft. Instead, you’ll have to find them in the world through various means. The first, and our most recommended way, to find name tags is to go fishing. If you have a fishing rod with the Luck of the Sea and Lure spells, find a block of water source and cast it to continuously reel in various items. These items can be anything from trash like leather boots to spell books and name tags. Keep in mind that this is a rare droplet, with a tiny chance of being from water. Luck of the sea favors the chances, though.

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Go fishing to find a name tag

There is about a 5% chance of finding a name tag when fishing in Minecraft. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get a name tag while fishing:

  1. Make a fishing rod out of string and sticks.
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Looting Chests

This is probably the most lucrative overall if you’re the explorer type, but name tags have a chance to drop out of looted chests. These stats are off the wiki and indicate the chances of finding a name tag depending on where the chest was found:

  • Underground – 28.3%
  • Mine shaft – 42.3%
  • Ancient city – 16.1%
  • Buried treasure – 34.3%
  • Woodland residence – 29.7%


When you trade enough with a librarian, you will reach Master level. At this point, they are willing to exchange one nameplate for 20 emeralds. The price is steep, but if you really want to call your pig Monsieur Piggles, it’s worth it!

You can get a tag even while fishing! Each time you draw, you have a five percent chance of catching a treasure, and from there, you have a one-sixth chance that that treasure is a name tag. This means that every time you fish, you have just under 1% chance of catching a name tag. However, you can increase this chance by enchanting the fishing rod with the Luck of the Sea spell.

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