Is my account banned riot?

It’s no secret that League of Legends can become controversial whenever players put in enough time and effort and realize that their efforts aren’t paying off. Because of this, the League community is among the worst you’ll find in the gaming industry.

Riot Games has implemented an automated ban system that detects unpleasant behavior and instantly bans toxic individuals in order to minimize toxic behavior and rid the game of interistas, afflicted and trolls. However, one League player, a Twitch streamer, is constantly running the clock in the middle of matches in an attempt to get Riot to permanently ban his IP address.

Banned for boost

Well, if you got banned for boost, then it’s quite difficult to get reinstated from that account. The problem with getting banned for boosting is that Riot Games gives you a 14 day suspension for boosting by first stating that if you continue to do so, you will be banned permanently. Riot Games gives you enough advance notice, and whether you’ve continued to do so is entirely up to you. Being banned for boosting is also a tough case to appeal.

Most of you reading this must have been banned for toxicity so it’s pretty easy to get readmitted for that, but for other readers who have been banned for Scripting, using third party services and boosting in League of Legends, well, you’re out of luck. But fear not, follow the steps below and you might not get banned!

League Of Legends stops issuing permanent bans

Hello everyone and thanks for reading! We would like to let you know what the ban status is in League of Legends right now. Due to excessive use of Permaban, we stopped using it. As a result, soothers will only be distributed if there is evidence of cheating or a more serious problem. Hopefully, this new policy will provide players with a second chance and eliminate the possibility of them being unfairly punished. The League of Legends community is eagerly awaiting this change, which we hope will make it more equitable and welcoming. Thanks for reading and please keep it up.

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It’s easy to check the status of your League of Legends account. You can do this by logging into your account and then clicking on the account status tab. From there, you’ll be able to see the current status of your account, as well as any messages associated with it.

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