Is Minecraft trial only for 90 minutes?

If you are not sure what the Minecraft game world is and are waiting for the release of a trial version. PC Gamer has released a new demo that lets you play Minecraft for 90 minutes without having to give up your hard-earned cash.

The new demo of Minecraft allows you to enjoy the world of Minecraft by letting you use every tool, ore and object, with which you can dig, play and build in your world for 90 minutes before it “freezes ” and becomes uneditable.



Open the Google Play Store on your Android phoneSearch for “Minecraft” in the Games section. Click on “Try Free Demo” option and proceed to download the game Now, run the application and enjoy.

Go to the Minecraft Free Trial webpage. Click here. Click on the Windows logo. Tap on Free Trial. Sign in using your Microsoft account. Now download and install the .exe file on your PC. Have fun.

How to play Minecraft Trial?

The game has simple gameplay which is exactly the same as the paid version. In the lower left corner are navigation keys that help you move your character. In the right corner, is the jump button. Players can drag anywhere on the screen to rotate the character.

Is there a limit to the Minecraft free trial?

Yes, there is a limit on the free trial, however does not indicate how long this free trial lasts. The regular free trial lasts 90 minutes, so the version of the game is probably the same amount of time.

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You can now easily play free minecraft anytime using The platform also has tons of other games that you can play for free. If you ever get tired of mining diamonds, you can try some of the other games they have to offer.


Unfortunately, it’s impossible to download the official version of Minecraft for free on an iPhone. There are many websites that offer a free download of Minecraft Pocket Edition for iPhone, but we can’t recommend any particular option. There is always the possibility of getting a virus while installing pirated games and you should be aware of the consequences. However, a free version of the game is available for Windows and Mac computers. If you have a PC or laptop with one of these operating systems, find the free Minecraft installation instructions below.

A free trial version of Minecraft Pocket Edition is available for Android users. Follow the steps below to request it:

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