Is Minecraft Realms free?

No, Minecraft Realms isn’t free – it’s based on a recurring monthly payment of $7.99. You can also pay a one-time fee each month, which is 20% more expensive. Mojang also offers 3-month and 6-month subscriptions which allow you to get a discount for paying upfront. Minecraft Realms Plus is the same price, but with minimal potential cost adjustment. This is based on the device the server owner is using and the country they are from. Mojang also offers a 1 month free trial for both versions. Please note that only the server owner has to pay. Invited players can join for free.

Realms Clubs are a self-contained meeting place for members of a Realms Plus multiplayer server. They are created automatically and allow members to chat and share videos and photos. This is not available for Realms servers.

How to set up Minecraft Realms

Once you’ve decided on a subscription, you’ll need to set up Minecraft Realms so you can start playing. While it can be a little annoying to make the switch at first, getting your server up and running once you know what you’re doing is pretty straightforward. There are certain steps you can take to establish the Kingdom.

To start your server, you will need to do the following:

Reasons why Realms aren’t free

Now, before we go directly to the part where I explain some Of the very obvious ways and methods to cut costs, I guess it would be a good idea to first look into why “Minecraft realms” aren’t free. I’m sure many of you may have asked this question at least at some point.

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Also, many like me once would also have this thought, that since kingdoms are something that we players design and create, it doesn’t mean that we are the creators and it should be up to us to decide whether kingdoms they are made free or not. Well, we’ll all get to each of these one by one, and I’m pretty sure you’ll eventually think that it’s a divine idea to be accused after all.


One of the most engaging features of Minecraft is that it allows players to create their own Realms to invite their friends and control the world. However, this feature is not free as players need to pay a subscription fee to continue accessing their realms (Realms+). But many players don’t want to spend money so, for them, we have this simple trick that will allow players to continue accessing their realms even after the trial period. Read on to learn more.

How to join a kingdom in Bedrock

Just like with the Java edition, you can join a kingdom through the Minecraft interface.

  1. Open Minecraft.

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