Is Minecraft OK for school?

Is designed for students of all learning styles, ages 12 and higher education-supports the development of 21st century key skills including STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)- has more than 400 free lessons and tutorials available on the website – has special features that allow for formative assessment, teacher controls and classroom collaboration – provides peer support through an online educator community

– Chemistry features let students build a periodic table in the game – Aquatic update brings Marine life to Minecraft oceans: Treasure Island and Roald Dahl’s worlds bring novels to life – Game features like camera, book, quill pen and whiteboards help students document their work: 3D export tool for mixed reality and 3DMinecraft: Education Edition is ready to ship le for teachers on Mac, PC or IPAD.

The program offers hundreds of standards-aligned lessons, classroom-friendly features, tutorials, and downloadable content. Visit the lessons download website at or download the app at The app requires an Office 365 Education account and a subscription to Minecraft: Education Edition.

If you’re not sure about your school’s subscription or what services you have access to, talk to your child’s school’s teacher or IT administrator. While screen time should be monitored and limited by parents and teachers, as too much screen time can be addictive; studies also show that video games have cognitive benefits, such as long-lasting positive effects on perception, attention, memory and decision making. Much of the research is on the effects of action video games (games that require players to move quickly, keep track of many items at once, keep lots of information in mind at once, and make quick decisions).

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Many of the abilities that these types of video games exploit are the same ones that psychologists consider the basic building blocks of intelligence. ), monitor what your child is watching/playing, make sure your child engages in other regular activities (e.g. exercising, playing sports, playing an instrument, cooking, cleaning, playing games, going to the park, making plans, etc. ), make sure your students are learning by other means (e.g., hands-on projects, discussions, readings, demonstrations, etc.). Teach your child/students how to set goals and work towards leisure activities. What are your thoughts? Is Minecraft: Education Edition too risky due to the possibility of screen addiction or is it a practical and logical teaching tool due to the interest of the students and the interactive/imaginative nature of the game?

Using Minecraft for learning at home

Before we dive into fun learning with Minecraft tips and educational Minecraft activities, let’s cover a quick Minecraft review for parents / Frequent questions.

Minecraft is a game/video game/online game-based learning platform that allows children to build worlds, mine those worlds, and explore. Kids can play alone or connect with friends online (multiplayer) to explore each other’s worlds via their Minecraft account.

Minecraft Education Edition Free Trial

There is a free trial offered by Minecraft Education and this free trial contains access to ALL FEATURES. With the trial version, you are limited to a certain number of logins. Teachers with an Office 365 Education account will be provided with 25 logins. While teachers without an Office 365 account will be limited to 10 logins. Once the free trial ends, you will need to purchase a license to continue! Check thisout for more information!

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For a small single class school, there is a charge of $5.00 per user per year.


Since it is not a goal-oriented or goal-oriented video game, players have the advantage of using their imagination and build something of their own, digitally. You can accept challenges and build mind-blowing projects. The sky is the limit here!

Improve your problem solving skills as you have overcome many environmental challenges, such as finding resources, gathering food, figuring out how to use tools, etc. Also, when you play with other players, you have to figure out how to defeat your competitors. There are also logistical and creative and creative challenges.

What is the appropriate age for Minecraft?

There are different answers to this question depending on who you ask. Some recommend players to be at least 8 years old, while others recommend that they be 10. The Entertainment Software Rating Board gives Minecraft a rating of Everyone 10+. This is the American rating system.

Parents should review the game for themselves to determine what age they feel is appropriate for their children. Some parents may think 10 is appropriate while others would allow their children to play 7. The decision is ultimately up to each parent.

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