Is Minecraft OK for 5 year olds?

What is Minecraft?

Benefits of Minecraft for Kids

We hear it all the time: don’t let kids have too much screen time! It hurts their eyes! It hurts their bodies! But what about the benefits of screen time and video games? The future, after all, is digital. While it’s important for children to balance physical activity and video games, video games have many benefits that are often overlooked.

Here are eight benefits for kids playing Minecraft.

What is Minecraft?

First released in 2011, Minecraft is a sandbox-style game that has no specific goals for players to achieve, allowing them the freedom to explore and create in the virtual world. The game consists of cubes representing different materials, such as earth, stone, water and lava, which players can break down and rebuild into anything they imagine. Players can also interact with mobs (animated creatures) which can be friendly or hostile.

Over the past decade, Minecraft has become one of the most popular games in the world, both among children and adults. The game is available on multiple platforms, including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Xbox and Playstation.

Minecraft lets them do anything!

Kids love Minecraft because the game lets them do just about anything! They can slay a dragon, build a castle, hunt fish, dig caves, all in one area. As a sandbox genre game, Minecraft tickles kids’ ability to imagine, create, and think for themselves out of situations that most feature-specific games don’t. Minecraft indulges kids’ desire to explore and experiment, and because it’s all simulated, it’s not that dangerous.

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Minecraft has multiplayer and if we’re worried about kids not having social interactions due to the pandemic, Minecraft has offered the solution by creating servers where they can play with each other. While we may have our doubts about how gaming helps children, some studies have shown that games with social aspects (e.g., meet up with friends, multiplayer) serve as an alternative route to help children develop their social skills and self-esteem.


With a huge online community of verified players, users can interact with other players to optimize their game, plan with their teammates, collaborate with them on changes, etc. this is an important life skill that will come in handy throughout one’s professional career.

When playing Minecraft, a child develops a sense of complex shapes, geometric problems and manipulating blocks. All of these combined can help players understand mathematical theories and problems.

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