Is Minecraft healthy for your brain?

Summary: Minecraft and other virtual building games can help boost creativity, new study reports.

Source: Iowa State University

Increase your activity

Although most people believe that gaming makes people lazy because they sit for long periods, some games , like Minecraft, have the opposite effect. When a game is loaded, you will find yourself wanting to switch positions, which will make you more active during the game.

Of course, staring at a screen for long periods can damage your eyes. However, playing can help you see better. Objects are scattered throughout the games, which can help your eyes recognize even the smallest details.

7 tips to keep your kids safe while they play Minecraft

There are several ways to keep your kids safe while they play Minecraft. Here are 11 tips that will help you do just that –

  • Set a time limit to play Minecraft: Just like with any other game, it’s important to set a time limit to play Minecraft. You should also make it a rule that your child should stop playing if he finds the game is getting too addictive.
  • Set house rules to play Minecraft: There are many house rules you can set to play Minecraft. For example, you can set a rule that your child shouldn’t play during their sleeping hours.
  • Make a rule about spending too much money on Minecraft: If your child is playing Minecraft on a computer or console, he or she may be tempted to buy add-ons.
  • Know who your child is playing Minecraft with: It’s important to know who your child is playing Minecraft with online. If they’re playing with friends, you should be able to tell who they are. If they’re playing with strangers, you should be able to report them.
  • Make a rule to stay safe online- You should make a rule that your child should always stay safe online. That means they shouldn’t give out personal information, like their email address or phone number.
  • Check out the different minigames and mods: There are many minigames and mods available for Minecraft. However, you should make sure that your child only plays with those that are age-appropriate for him.
  • Get involved with the Minecraft community: If your child is playing Minecraft, it might be a good idea to get involved with the community. This will help you identify any concerns you may have about Minecraft and provide advice on how to best protect your child.
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What is the appropriate age for Minecraft?

Minecraft Age Limit: Kids 8+ can play and it shows they absolutely love it. The game has no holds barred, meaning they can do virtually anything. The game allows creativity to soar as they slay dragons and build castles.

Yes, Minecraft is good for kids. Children can develop a variety of skills through the use of Minecraft, including creativity, problem solving, self-direction, collaboration and many other soft skills. Children can learn educationally relevant skills such as reading, writing, math, and sometimes even history by engaging in game development on the Minecraft platform.

Teamwork and community engagement

Players can work together on shared servers and achieve common goals by dividing tasks, pooling and sharing resources, getting rid of creepers, skeletons or zombie. They might even muster enough courage to challenge Ender Dragon and Withers.

Teach players to solve their problems, communicate effectively and become great team players. In Minecraft, everyone can also participate and interact with different communities, creating a smooth and fun-filled experience

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