Is Minecraft Earth shutting down forever?

Mojang Studios has been quietly working on Minecraft Earth for the past 18 months. Unfortunately, the game won’t make its way to a full release, as the game was abruptly cancelled.

Minecraft Earth was Mojang’s attempt to capitalize on the advent of AR gaming on smartphones. The game was first revealed in May 2019, followed by a long period of beta testing on Android. Eventually, the game also launched in an Early Access state on iOS devices as well.

After many great AR adventures, Mojang has decided that it will no longer offer its Minecraft Earth mobile game, as it closes in June.

I’m sure many of you have heard of the video gaming phenomenon which is Minecraft. However, you may or may not have heard of one of Mojang’s spin-off games which is called Minecraft Earth. Minecraft Earth wanted players to move in an attempt to experience their own take on an AR video game. Minecraft Earth sort of had the same feel and concept as Pokémon GO, except you were building structures instead of collecting creatures. Mojang created Minecraft Earth in an effort to bring the game to real life and explore the world of Minecraft in the real world.

The main reason Mojang is making this decision is that the COVID-19 pandemic is hampering some key components of the game. As a result, once Minecraft Earth closes, they will put all their efforts into the main Minecraft game so that all attention can be focused on their greatest achievement.

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Is Minecraft closing?

The answer is no, Minecraft won’t quit anytime soon. You don’t have to worry because your favorite game will stay online, maybe for a long time. The game came out in 2011 and is still going strong. If you’ve seen information like “Minecraft will shut down their servers on December 21st,” it’s just a rumor or a joke.

Will Minecraft shut down in 2022?

For now, rest assured that your favorite game will still be on the market for quite some time. So keep having fun. The rumors that Minecraft’s shutdown caught fire were when the developers shut down Minecraft Earth in June 2021. Minecraft Earth was a free-to-play game that supported virtual reality for mobile devices and was a spin-off game of Minecraft . This game is designed more like Minecraft itself where players can explore, collect various resources within the map, build structures, etc. As the main focus revolved around freedom of movement and collaborative play, which was not possible at all in that global scenario, the developers decided to turn it off, otherwise it would stay on. The developers decided to focus on other areas of the community and shut down the service for the game entirely. It was due to this fact that many believed that Minecraft would go completely off the market with its original game as it had many links to its spin-off version. So don’t worry, no developer would stop their game when it’s still doing great in the market.

The Minecraft game is still up and running and showing no signs of slowing down, with 140 million monthly users and has also sold more than 200 million copies to date. The developers have also launched an update to the game recently adding tons of new features which include new biomes and also high mountains.

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