Is Minecraft Earth gone?

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: a hugely popular property is bought by a much more successful tech giant. It expands slightly and the tech giant starts spin-off titles. Spin-off titles get weird, and one is announced “coming soon to early access,” is released quietly, and closes after just under two years. Well, that’s where we are with Minecraft Earth, the augmented reality thing that was showcased at E3 under the HoloLens… thing. Of course, the HoloLens itself has yet to be officially released with a consumer version. In fact, the second development build was announced less than two years ago.

Since the “mind-blowing” display shown at E3 for one device, it would later come to iOS and Android in select regions four years later. It had become Minecraft Earth, which saw its latest update. In yesterday’s announcement, the blame fell on the current COVID-19 pandemic: “Minecraft Earth was designed around freedom of movement and collaborative play, two things that have become almost impossible in the current global situation.” The “Pokémon Go-like” augmented reality first released in closed beta in cities like Seattle and London after an announcement at E3 in 2019. Stockhome, Tokyo, and Mexico City followed soon after.

After many great AR adventures, Mojang has decided that it will no longer offer its Minecraft Earth mobile game, as it closes in June.

I’m sure many of you have heard of the video gaming phenomenon which is Minecraft. However, you may or may not have heard of one of Mojang’s spin-off games which is called Minecraft Earth. Minecraft Earth wanted players to move in an attempt to experience their own take on an AR video game. Minecraft Earth sort of had the same feel and concept as Pokémon GO, except you were building structures instead of collecting creatures. Mojang created Minecraft Earth in an effort to bring the game to real life and explore the world of Minecraft in the real world.

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The main reason Mojang is making this decision is that the COVID-19 pandemic is hampering some key components of the game. As a result, once Minecraft Earth closes, they will put all their efforts into the main Minecraft game so that all attention can be focused on their greatest achievement.

Can I still play Minecraft Earth?

Minecraft Earth was released as an iOS and Android app. The iOS app has been deleted and can no longer be downloaded from the App Store. The Android app is still listed in the Google Play Store but the installation is blocked. The apps will still work if you have them.

For an iPhone, you’ll need to find the app’s IPA file. You can probably find it on torrent sites but the file may not be safe. If you happen to have a secure IPA copy of the app, you can install it by following these steps.

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