Is katana a good weapon the forest?

The Crafted Club is a melee weapon in The Forest and one of the best available. It has average stats, being a slow weapon like other clubs. This weapon will deal 7 damage per hit and a speed of 2. What is impressive though is the block value of 9, which gives it similar values ​​to the modern ax, making it very efficient. Luckily, the Crafted Club is easy to create too, requiring only a staff and a skull.

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A very fast weapon with slightly less damage than the plane axe, The katana is found in the chasm, 4 stars.

How to use the Katana in the Forest

The Katana is a melee weapon with an extremely high attack speed. You can use it to attack so fast that your opponents don’t have a chance to recover or counterattack. Even if the item description shows a block value of 0, you can still block with the Katana. The blocking ability is still one of the worst in the game.

Even the Katana is not the best weapon in terms of damage. The high attack speed can only partially compensate for this, as seven stamina points are consumed per attack. By comparison, the modern ax, for example, does about three times as much damage but consumes only 7.8 stamina.

Katana in The Forest Location

The katana is found in a section of the Dead Cave, also known as Cave 1 by fans of the game. It’s in a dead end where various items and loot are also present, including cash, wristwatches, medicines, trays of food, and circuit board laptops. It is worth noting that the Grotta Morta has three entrances and is connected to other cave systems as well.

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Where to find the Katana sword in the Forest

To find the Katana in the Forest, you need to locate Cave one, also known as the Dead Cave. Finding the Dead Cave or Cave One is a bit of a challenge as you cannot see where you are going when you first start. In short, players don’t have access to the amapoints until they find it later in Cave 2, also called the Hanging Cave. We recommend finding and obtaining the map first as it can help you navigate the open world of The Forest and pinpoint the location of the Katana. You can find the hanging cave by finding the main village towards the southeast. Inside the main village, you can find an entrance to the Hanging Cave. You can find the map and a compass item in the starting chamber of the Hanging Cave. If you don’t want to find the map first, you can still find Katana’s location in the forest using the surroundings.

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