Is Java or Bedrock faster?

It is the standard version of Minecraft, the first model developed in 2010. It is only for PC, including Windows, Linux, macOS. Hence, this version is limited; you cannot match match with players located on Bedrock or Windows 10 Edition.

Being the first version, it has some advantages over the bedrock version: a wide range of mods, resource packs and graphics are available for free.

Minecraft Bedrock – What’s included?

If you are looking for the most complete version of Minecraft in which you can dive right away, Bedrock will be your choice. You’ll be able to dive straight into multiplayer games with friends, so you can play with anyone, whether on PC, mobile or console at home. Everyone is welcome to participate, and you’ll even be able to take your purchases to more platforms if you buy Minecraft again on a different system.

However, you’ll be limited to a fairly vanilla experience, as Bedrock limits modding capabilities, so if you’re looking to go crazy with all sorts of different mods in the game, this isn’t going to be the version for you . Bedrock features several paid content packs, just like the recent Spongebob Minecraft DLC, so you can experience these crazy worlds for just a few dollars at a time. You will also be able to find different resource packs, character skins and more, but be aware that they will cost you money.

Verdict: Java VS Bedrock Edition Minecraft

Both editions of Minecraft, Java Edition VS Bedrock Edition, have their pros and cons. If you like tweaking and checking out multiplayer servers, Java Edition is your choice. If you want to have the game but don’t have a good device, Bedrock Edition is your choice. Objectively speaking, Minecraft Java Edition is better but has more recent updates, the line of difference blurs. Ultimately which edition you choose depends on what you want from the edition and what you want to do in the game. Plus, starting June 7, 2022, you’ll get both editions of the game if you buy one. So it’s a question of whether or not you want Minecraft rather than which edition you want.

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This was all about which Minecraft Edition is best for you. I hope this guide helped you. You can also check out our guides like Can Villagers Climb Ladders in Minecraft

What you need to know about Minecraft Java vs Bedrock Editions!

If you want to play multiplayer Minecraft with friends who are far away, you will need to know which version of Minecraft they have, Java or Bedrock Edition, before buying!

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